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  1. Happy with the opt-in beta. Wish it supported holds though. Is that still planned for the 1.1 release?
  2. @turbofandudeSubmitting pireps for overlapping flights across different VAs
  3. Figured out how to sandbox it so I can run multiple instances. Thanks.
  4. If it's just strictly making use of XP/FSUIPC data, it's simple API calls. Why is there an artificial restriction built into the client that stops us from running multiple instances?
  5. hohum

    LOC DME approach

    Right. So I mashed the APPR/LAND button and the plane refused to track the localizer. I wound up having to do a visual approach instead; which is only feasible in fair weather conditions. This is the DME-E approach into Aspen, BTW. So the weather is hardly ever favorable.
  6. hohum

    LOC DME approach

    Any tips for shooting an approach in this plane without ILS? Is there a button somewhere I need to hit to at least get it to lock on to the localizer so all I have to worry about is the lack of a glide slope and not whether or not I'm lined up?