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  1. I found a solution!!!!! I traded in my 1080 ti SLI for a 2080
  2. Yeah, Im still getting the flickering after updating. Whatever you did worked on your end, but not on mine :(
  3. That’s fantastic news, and you’re sure you have SLI enabled?
  4. serious? What did you do differently from your previous post saying it wasn’t working?
  5. Thank you guys so much! Your hard work really means a lot. Hopefully we can have a fix soon :) just out of curiosity, is there any way to do a temporary quick band aid by replacing the effects or gauge files? Just an idea for a quick workaround, but I assume it’s more complicated that that haha.
  6. Hey guys, any update on a fix for those running SLI to deal with the flickering VC lights?