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  1. DaveDewhurst

    Monday Aug 7 Progress

    OOC, is 1.1 (currently planned to be) directly after or will you have to add a 5th revision ( Dave
  2. DaveDewhurst

    Crash at Gate

    I haven't had it happen since but I've only really used the 717 twice since, the first time was straight after that crash on the same ramp, and nothing happened. Dave
  3. DaveDewhurst

    Engine Data V1.0.7.8

    exceedance surely?
  4. DaveDewhurst

    Can you force an overfly?

    I can see how to force an altitude at a waypoint but was wondering whether an overfly can also be forced Dave
  5. DaveDewhurst

    Crash at Gate

    Was sitting on the ramp at YAYE working through the starttup, had just tested the cargo smoke and sim froze saying Nvidia driver had stopped responding and restarted.
  6. DaveDewhurst

    List of the upcoming changes

    I was hoping it would be an Easter surprise (there's still time) Dave
  7. DaveDewhurst

    flight range

  8. DaveDewhurst

    No milviz lighting

    Sorry to butt in but are you both looking for it on the task bar or in the task manager list (Alt Ctrl Del > Start Task Manager)? Dave
  9. DaveDewhurst

    nvwgf2um.dll Error

    This looks like the latest version
  10. DaveDewhurst

    Aircraft launching like a catapult on loadup...

    Same, boxed FSX Acceleration, Windows 7 but DX10 mode.
  11. DaveDewhurst

    Landing Help

    Shift & R should turn it off, cant remember whether you need to do it again to stop the flashing notification on the PFD or whether it stops by itself. Dave
  12. DaveDewhurst

    SIDs still not quite right in

    Here's the data from the .mdb included with the 717
  13. DaveDewhurst

    SIDs still not quite right in

    I did a flight last night on taking off on 08 at LICC using the LIBRA6A departure, the plotted course was ...interesting I inputted the same flight today on and the results were better but still not right The actual SID overflies INDAX then makes a RIGHT turn and comes back to overfly CTF before going WNW I did take off to see if after INDAX the plane would take a right and it was just a visual issue but the plane didn't even get to INDAX It started a left turn way before overflying INDAX Dave
  14. DaveDewhurst

    Aircraft launching like a catapult on loadup...

    from the menu in sim, top of the screen, (visible in your screenshot)
  15. DaveDewhurst

    Aircraft launching like a catapult on loadup...

    Yep, I'm getting this. Choosing my gate again from the menu and it stays still on the second load. Dave