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  1. jimos87

    Tablet missing, MCDU blank, Radios Blank

    My tablet has disappeared, tried to reinstall it no help, also noticed that the MCDU is blank and the Radios are blank all other systems are operational but those have randomly disappeared.
  2. Or add an in flight reset where gears etc are not deployed
  3. I think you should consider disabling this option when you are airborne as I just accidentally clicked it at 25,000 ft as you can imagine all hell broke loose my passenger's aren't happy and we all nearly died.
  4. I have just bought the 717, because there isn't many aircraft working in V4, anyway I've set it all up as far as I know put in my flight plan chosen the SID etc, there were no DISCO that I noticed, I was flying out of TNCM at the end of the SID it went a bit funny because it just started turning back to the first waypoint which is the start of the sid, I tried DIR To between the end of the sid and the next WP of LARPP with the airway b520 but it wouldn't do it it just keeps turning, What am i doing wrong, there are 3 waypoints after the end of the Sid with the same airway so when I put in airway b520 to larpp it doesn't work either does b520 to b520:/ FLIGHT PLAN ROUTE N0441F320 BOPAT2 JUICE B520 STT DCT UTAHS R507 SAPPO/M075F320 R507 MRTEE/M075F340 R507 GTK Y587 DONEZ A555 ZQA FOWEE8 I think the SID was Bopat2, The plan was made by pfpx but i typed it in manually.