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  1. vhufo

    Keyboard Rudder center

    Was this ever resolved? It makes a pain in the butt to taxi.
  2. vhufo

    Departure SID problem

    I have come across a problem in relation to a departure sequence. Firstly the details of the departure. Departing YPPH for YANG, the AVNEX2 departure out of YPPH via RWY 06, the filed route being AVNEX-ESDEG-TEANO-GOKUP at FL310. Now the following has happened on more than one occasion, twice in a row for this particular route, and for another route bound for YBAS out of YPPH using a different SID. What happens is once airborne, the aircraft tracks via the planned departure when nav mode selected, but as soon as the transition happens from the first outbound point to the next, in this case transitioning to MIDLA, the flightplan drops out from the ND and MCDU leaving just the last waypoint in the flightplan, being GOKUP. You basically have to re input the whole flightplan, What i found interesting is when i did re input the flightplan including the SID, between two particular waypoints of the SID, being AVPES and HARBY, the magenta line on the ND would oscillate back and forth between the normal curved line in the turn and a 90 degree magenta line, and the aircraft would swing wildy left and right until eventually the flightplan dropped off the ND and MCDU again. I have attached a couple of images, hopefully they came through, showing the 90 degree magenta line and the eventual dropping off of the flightplan. Other than the above, the aircraft is a dream to fly. Thanks for your time. Andy.
  3. vhufo

    Company Route Format

    You couldn't tell me exactly how you got the Company Route into the MCDU via SimBrief. I created the flightplan in SimBrief, and i believe this flightplan needs to be placed into a folder within the aircraft folder under documents/company routes. If this is the case this folder didn't exist, i had to create the documents/company routes folder. Anyhow within the MCDU itself, i typed the name of the flightplan and clicked the LSK next to the company routes, yet nothing appeared. Am i way off here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Andy.