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  1. Thanks for your input guys, obviously obviously you know your job inside out, I've been flying your airplane all afternoon here in the 🇬🇧 U.K. and it is bloody fantastic! Wow....love it! I guess I'm just used to the ground roll sounds and also on take off, I miss it on this airplane...it would be a nice addition if we had a bit of noise on the ground but anyway, no worries, you guys no your stuff. Thank you again. Regards Paul EGCC
  2. Hi Guys i bought this aircraft yesterday, been following its progress for a long time, I think it is very very good, I really do. I'm a long time simmer since 1999 and I've bought all the major airplanes in this time including Leonardos Maddog which was awesome in its it day, which had fantastic sounds like yours does, but ...were are the ground roll sounds on take off and landing..they are far too quiet. Defo needs improvement. Look forward to some input on this one it spoils the immersion for me. Cheers Regards Paul EGCC