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  1. Hey Josh, I mean the Welcome on Board announcment during Boarding state. I think this is the wrong place for it. During boarding I remember, nobody of the crew is making announcments?
  2. FXAA is off, Filtering is @16x
  3. Another thing what I wish to have as an "old" FS Passanger user is to control the Drink and Meal service Probably something will be added in future updates + a more detailed Status bar (hungry, thursty and so on...)
  4. Hi, are those 2 process beeing synced? My GSX boarding has been completed but PACX was still boarding.
  5. Hi, I think the crew announcment shoud not beeing played during the boarding progress? I heard that already when I am in state "Boarding" ?
  6. Heyho, what I miss a bit is: In the main Popup a "Close" Icon Probably it would be great to have a button in the Main Popup for Seatbelt Signs on/off with a Seatbelt sound + Announcment (or connected to the addon aircraft) ? Its a bit annoying to open all the time the interaction menu BR
  7. Tomatoshade and REX EF
  8. Does not change anything. Overhead Textures a sharp, its just that on the Picture o.O
  9. Texture Resolution is on Ultra. Max VC Texture is also set to 4096
  10. Hey guys, I am just wondering if something is wrong with my installation: Settings: Is there a way to manually insert the textures?