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  1. Hey, I am also constantly receiveing crashes with the 717. Not everytime but sometimes, and I dont know what triggers the error. I did not switch views or something like that. Today, I just load the aircraft and checke the time when it happend. Today, again I haven't done anything it crashed afte 15min with this error. All other Add-on Aircraft I used, did not trigger this error :( BR
  2. Yup, again I changed my Mainboard and CPU last week cause my old one Died and did again a comlete reinstall of everything.
  3. Nope. Where is that file located ? Probably we can exchange it with yours? It is only with night textures. Daytime textures are sharp Just checked the Real light folder. All the textures there are 1024x1024. Compared to the Aerosoft Airbus, there are the textures with 2048x2048. Should those textures be 1024 for the 717?
  4. Cant be. Had to change my Hardware this week and did a complete refresh of everything, including P3D. Still the same problem with the night textures.
  5. Hey, in Textures folder, the files are 2K but I have 1 folder named "Interior1K". I selected 2K in the Control Panel? I would add again that I only have this issue if the night lights are on. Not on daytimes! BR
  6. Hey Josh, I mean the Welcome on Board announcment during Boarding state. I think this is the wrong place for it. During boarding I remember, nobody of the crew is making announcments?
  7. FXAA is off, Filtering is @16x
  8. Another thing what I wish to have as an "old" FS Passanger user is to control the Drink and Meal service Probably something will be added in future updates + a more detailed Status bar (hungry, thursty and so on...)
  9. Hi, are those 2 process beeing synced? My GSX boarding has been completed but PACX was still boarding.
  10. Hi, I think the crew announcment shoud not beeing played during the boarding progress? I heard that already when I am in state "Boarding" ?
  11. Heyho, what I miss a bit is: In the main Popup a "Close" Icon Probably it would be great to have a button in the Main Popup for Seatbelt Signs on/off with a Seatbelt sound + Announcment (or connected to the addon aircraft) ? Its a bit annoying to open all the time the interaction menu BR
  12. Does not change anything. Overhead Textures a sharp, its just that on the Picture o.O
  13. Texture Resolution is on Ultra. Max VC Texture is also set to 4096