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  1. Ransu

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Hi everyone, Disclaimer: Due to the number of add-ons and hardware on the market each of our computers are distinct, so what is causing me the CTD might not be the case for you. So I did 15 flights in the last 3 days on the exact same route: ENTC IDLIN ADAPU RATUL ENAT. My idea was to focus, test and monitor my add-ons which interact with Prepar3D v4 in this specific order: - Active Sky - ChasePlane - AivlaSoft EFB My other add-ons are sceneries, so a low probability to cause any CTD(unless your resources are exhausted) and I deactivated my AV. So I started with Active Sky in different weather conditions and I ended up with 5 CTD without error messages in the Event Viewer, no debug logs, no mini dumps. Then I switched to FSXWX and could finish my flights and then back and forth between AS and FSXWX. The results was that the CTD appeared only with AS. Now I'm not saying Active Sky is the culprit because I've also ASCA, but after using the AS debugging mode I could match the CTD when they happen with the weather injection.
  2. Ransu

    No dome or overhead flood

    I confirm! Really good job TFDi and thank you for also fixing the insufficient fuel issue.
  3. Ransu

    No dome or overhead flood

    The switch and the knobs were working fine but there was simply no lights, however now it is working. I found that the program Milviz_Lighting_Service in the Nightlighting folder was not working because of this missing dll: MSVCP100.dll which is a part of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. So I installed this package and it is now working fine.
  4. Ransu

    Insuffient Fuel

    Similar problem for me but it was already there with the version
  5. Ransu

    Insufficient Fuel

    Hi, I've got once again the same problem for a flight between ENTC to ENAT (94 nm) with the plane fully loaded in fuel. This is really annoying because when the message "Insufficient Fuel" appear and start to blink on the CDU, there is nothing I can do to reset it and I've to restart from scratch....with a different destination. Am I doing something wrong? Installed version but this was a problem before.
  6. Hi, This is not a big deal but I noticed since a while that the DOME switch as well as the OVHD(and the other one bellow) are not working anymore. I'm on Prepar3d V4 with the I've re-installed the 717 to see if it helps but no luck, any idea? Thanks.
  7. Ransu

    Continuous crash with P3D v4

    Hi, Since my purchase I haven't been able to complete a flight. For the last two days P3D v4 was continuously crashing as soon I started one of the engine from a cold and dark situation. I've disabled my addons(ChasePlane, Active Sky, GSX) one after an other one and tried different airports including some default airports but still the same problem. I've disabled the traffic too and also upgrading and downgrading my drivers but nothing helped. But today I did some progress and I could at least take off before to get a new crash with this time a new error message in the event viewer about KERNELBASE.dll. What I did differently was to use the state Ready_to_Start and start the engines. Not sure what I can do more at this point of time. Ransu PS: The Minidump is a fake one as it was required to post and I could not find any,
  8. Ransu

    Insufficient Fuel

    Hi, Just bought the 717 and wanted to do my first flight however I' stuck with the CDU because I'm getting the following error message "Insufficient Fuel" for the following route: EKCH VEDAR L997 LUNIP ENGM. The route is 281 NM and I've on board some fuel for 500 NM as you can see it in the different screenshots. Am I doing something wrong?