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  1. Thank you very much Collin for the very fast resolution
  2. Hello Collin and thank you for the reply. I am not sure how I can send the log, is it stored somewhere from PACX? I have the PACX online record but I don't know if it can help: https://pacx.online/flight/103DF1C8A
  3. Hi, I did my flight after the latest update with the Majestic Q400. Completing the flight the passengers were very unsatisfied and reported that it was terrifying taxing and flight. I realized that I the Q400 is not in the list of the planes that are implemented to recognize the seat belt switch and thus according to PACX I should had not enabled the seatbelt sign during the flight. However, my taxing and flight was at no case dangerous, fast, abrupt or extreme. My taxi was less than 15 knots, smooth turns and the flight was also smooth. What is the logic that PACX reports bad taxi and flight behavior? I understand to get criticized for not having enabled the seatbelt sign, but passengers reporting that the flight was extreme, is not realistic. I have been to numerous flights and we all know that if the taxi and flight are smooth, it feels the same with seatbelt or without seatbelt. So, my question is why the passengers complained and what is the logic of PACX?
  4. Thank you so much @turbofandude for your reply. I really appreciate that you have these three on your list, especially the cabin temperature for specific third party aircraft will be something very immersive to have, and for sure will bring much more PACX customers as it's a new level of immersion never seen before. Same goes for the whole PACX philosophy. I know it can take some time but as a customer is satisfying to know that the developer is making bold moves to bring immersion to new levels and I'm proud to have invested in the early access version. Thank you very much.
  5. Any feedback from the developers?
  6. Hi all, I have also purchased PACX and I am aware that it is still an early access product. So far, I can't say it makes any significant immersive experience, because the only thing that seems to matter is whether the flight is on time, or delayed. There are much more factors than that in real life. I guess some of my suggestions are maybe already in the pipeline, in such case I would like to get a confirmation from the developers, otherwise I would also like their opinion about these: Announcements. When we select to do an action like inform the passengers about a delay, or ask the cabin crew about boarding status, there should be an audible message. Currently there is nothing heard in the cabin. Announcements. There should more announcements. For example before landing, after landing to welcome them to the new destination, etc. Flight behavior. So far I dont think passengers respond to how we fly the aircraft. If after takeoff we climb with an extreme pitch up or the landing was too rough, or if there are maneuves or dives, the passengers don't seem to care. Taxi behavior. Same for taxi there should be some limits on how fast we can taxi or make turns or brake. Things that can worry passengers. Meal service. It would be nice to be able to plan the meal service timing. Cabin Temperature. It would be nice that passengers react to cabin temperature. I know that's maybe not possible for all add-ons, but for sure the advanced airliners available on the market have cabin temperature control that depends on outside temperature and bleed air selection. As PACX is about caring for your passengers, cabin temperature can't be left out, as its a very important parameter. I would like to know the developer's view on these points.
  7. I can confirm. I just had the exact same issues in Prepar3D v4.