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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Everything you need to know is included! Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Everything you need to know is included! Enjoy
  3. Preview of my first actual paint for this bird! The new paintkit is really well done and has a good resolution in the sim. *Plenty of the small details are done by myself FYI, but the paintkit's original quality and mapping makes my job 10x easier! Credit to TFDI for that!*
  4. Another WIP Shot - Anyone notice the little mod I did to one of the logos?
  5. 2 things 1 - This is a new paint 2 - Look at this shot. Doesn't look too dirty to me..haha
  6. I know it still has some teething issues and such, and haven't even been able to make a full flight with it yet, but we know it is getting worked on extremely fast! Enjoy a couple of previews of my first paint for the 717. Keep in mind it isn't in anyway done and things are being added to it constantly.. Enjoy! My FB page - Goldstar Textures
  7. I started the thread, hence I commented here
  8. Hey Collin, I know you are getting several reports of random things, but would also like to bring to your attention I am noticing a minimums callout at around 110-150 RA, depsite being programmed to a different altitude. I get it at the programmed one also.
  9. Exactly. plus it is their first A/C. Yes it cost me 83 dollars, but at least we know they are trying to fix it, not disregard and say it is user error or poor specs.
  10. I have done the latest update (0256z) and no difference for performance for me. Maybe 1fps more.
  11. Yeah I believe so. Happens in the MD-11. I feel like it is a company option though
  12. Hi guys, Anyone notice the fps are extremely bad with the RTM build of the 717?? There were a lot of claims about it being super friendly, but at the moment I beg to differ. Specs - i7 3770k @ 4.3ghz, GTX 1070, 16GB Ram On P3D 3.4 It looks pretty good, but the fps issues and Nvidia Inspector incompatibility is worrying for an aircraft that costs 83AUD... Any help?