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  1. Just click anywhere in the main window and then cycle as normal (s key). If you click in the second window and cycle it'll cycle in there. If you click in the main window and press s, it'll cycle in the main window. I am doing a flight as we speak and I can confirm it works.
  2. I use Chaseplane myself and am able to cycle views in the main window using my Chaseplane assigned keys for my preset views. Just click anywhere in the main window (ie not in the little window) and you should be good. Remember to resize the little window to make it as small as possible and move it somewhere to a corner where you won’t even notice it and continue to fly as normal. One more tip, make sure the view in the second/small window is that of the VC.
  3. So I rebooted the sim PC and fired up P3D v4.4 again, and loaded the saved flight (yes I use FSUIPC paid version to autosave). About 1 minute into the flight while switching to VC from external view, I got another CTD (files attached). Note I did NOT have the second window open (the work around which prevents this crash from happening) and I was running the sim at 2x rate (same as the first time). ctd 29 nov 18 second crash.txt ctd 29 immersion manager nov 18 second crash.txt
  4. Installed v4.4 client only and did 2 flights with the stock livery. On second flight during cruise I switched back to VC, the VC showed up frozen....a few seconds later CTD (Appcrashviewer file attached). Note I have v1.1.0.0 installed. Other apps which were running (on a separate computer), Aivlasoft EFB 2 client, Pilot2Atc, AS and ASCA. Other apps running on the simulator PC were Chaseplane and Aivlasoft EFB server. ctd 29 nov 18.txt ctd 29 immersion manager nov 18.txt
  5. And therein lies the problem. The cause of this CTD is rather illusive and temperamental! Another option is so use the auto-save feature of FSUIPC (paid version). Whenever you have a crash, you simply reload P3D and load your last saved game (I have mine saving every 4 minutes). Note I only get view switch CTDs with the 717, but get other P3D crashes with other aircraft.
  6. Just to be certain and for the avoidance of doubt, you are saying : 1) load up 717 2) open second window (VC in the second window) 3) shortly thereafter close second window 4) continue flight as normal (with the 2nd window closed throughout) 5) change views etc. etc. 6) no CTD Is this correct?
  7. open a second window (the [ or ] key...cant remember which one), resize it to the smallest you can get it, stick it in a corner and fly! Its not the best but its a valid workaround to the problem.
  8. What graphics card do you have and what is the resolution in p3d?
  9. Have you tried opening a second window (press [ or ] key)??? while using the 717? If so, do you still have the crashes with the second window open?
  10. I too got a view related CTD yesterday when testing using the 'ready to start' option. I was able to complete the first flight and then CTD on descent to my arrival airport for the second flight (switching from external view back to VC). My 2 suggestions are : 1) open a second window (press [ key) to keep it on the VC and resize to the smallest setting and place it in one corner so it won't obstruct your view. Be warned though, there is a performance hit with this or 2) if you have the paid version of FSUIPC (and I honestly recommend it), enable the autosave function (I have mine set to save every 300 seconds). That way if you do get a CTD, you can simple reload P3D and load the latest saved scenario. This has helped me with this view related CTD as well as other CTD when flying other aircraft. Hopefully the devs will sort this out soon. I know for me personally I am not letting this CTD stop me from enjoying this bird.
  11. Did this particular CTD occur while switching from an external view back to the VC?
  12. That’s interesting. I suggest you do some more flights using this method to test your observation. I too will do the same and report.
  13. hilkiah


    Select an ILS approach on the MCDU, then when you are within range hit APPR/LAND button to lock unto the localiser.
  14. Hawaiian, i have only recently started using XMP after I got higher performance ram modules. Prior to that I was getting the view switch CTD....just saying. However I will try your suggestions and see if that makes any difference (without using the 2nd window)
  15. I understand your frustration....believe you me. Another thing I discovered very very recently was that the paid version of FSUIPC can periodically and automatically save your flight. If a crash occurs you can simple restart P3D and load the last (most recent) saved scenario and you are back up in the air. I suffered Win10 BSOD/crashes recently, while flying the PMDG 777 and the QW 787, as well as the switch to VC 717 crash and successfully used the saved flight to recover. That saved me from having to restart the flights from scratch. On a related note, I have also downgraded by drivers to 376.33 (Nivida 980ti) hoping that will add some stability to my gaming rig. Additionally I no longer OC my CPU or GPU just to be on the safe side......the things we do for flight simming. 😞