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    The 777X

    For those who don't know the 777X is soon to be then newest member of the Boeing family. With new technologies that innovate the whole experience of flight. From the new and improved engine efficiency, to the newest feature of any commercial aircraft, foldable winglets. I believe this would be an awesome, but challenging plane or the developers of TFDi to create for FS (Flight Simulation) community. This aircraft will be one of largest 777's ever built in Boeing history. Please help me by voting up above to make this dream a reality so we may welcome the 777X to the FS community. Thank You If you have any questions or want more information on this incoming aircraft links and video's will below. Introduction of the new 777X - Youtube Video Touch Screen Advancements coming to the 777X flight deck {} More information posted on Boeing's official website {} *********************************** Don't forget to vote! We would really appreciate it. ***********************************