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  1. N125DL

    P3D Crashes Again With Current Update

    Hello, with the current updates, my 717 will start "flickering" in the VC when loaded and P3D will crash shortly afterwards. If I deactivate hardware rendering, the fps are too low to fly (but P3D won't crash). I did have similar issues with the initial version after release, however, the following updates fixed them. With the current updates installed, same problem reoccures... Any ideas? Kind regards P.S. I have FS spotlights installed, but due to the fact that the 717 works without hardware rendering enabled I don't think that's an issue anymore, right?
  2. N125DL

    Volotea TFS-TLS

    21° and a strong wind from the east on this 3:24 flight from Tenerife to Toulouse, one of the longest routes in the Volotea network. We filled in 9.900 kilograms of fuel and will board 99 passenger shortly. Departing from runway 08, straight into the wind. Systems are all set, just waiting for final weight figures from our handling. Ready to rumble 8) Overflying the island of Gran Canaria on our SID Last rays of light for today as we approach the spanish coast near Seville Inbound Toulouse, coming in from the alps on our STAR towards the initial approach for runway 32R Helping her catching the loc Autopilot off, what a nice feeling to handfly! Last flight of the day for EI-EXI Anyone knows which engine rating Volotea's fleet has? Kind regards
  3. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas, I found that you are not able to turn on any of the panel lighting when flying from daylight into dusk. Does anyone else encounter this problem or is it even already known? Kind regards
  4. N125DL

    If you experience laggy/freezing displays

    Sure, no problem.
  5. N125DL

    If you experience laggy/freezing displays

    Yes, my post referred to the laggy display problem
  6. N125DL

    If you experience laggy/freezing displays

    @turbofandude Setting a framerate limit inside P3D (I use 30 fps for now) has solved the problem for me. I'll do a complete flight lateron, but for now, the displays are as smooth as they can be. I have not set any framerate limiter outside P3D (e.g. nvidia inspector) Hope this works for you guys aswell.
  7. N125DL

    CTD in P3D V3 during cold and dark startup

    Thanks awf, this did the job for me aswell!
  8. N125DL

    If you experience laggy/freezing displays

    My DxDiag: https://justpaste.it/11oez I would estimate the average framerate of the displays at <2 fps, which makes the plane really hard to fly..
  9. N125DL

    CTD in P3D V3 during cold and dark startup

    Just started up from C&D, after the first large display comes on "P3D.exe has stopped working". Event viewer error (sorry for German): Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: Prepar3D.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x5758bb31 Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: ntdll.dll, Version: 10.0.14393.479, Zeitstempel: 0x58256ca0 Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000374 Fehleroffset: 0x000d9d11 ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x1700 Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d25d0e0f357dff Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: E:\P3D\Prepar3D.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Berichtskennung: f0fc0732-10c4-4810-8512-ae8bba4d8a2d Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets: Anwendungs-ID, die relativ zum fehlerhaften Paket ist:
  10. N125DL

    KGS instead of LBS?

    Yes, addon manager - customize - systems
  11. N125DL

    CTD in P3D V3 during cold and dark startup

    Confirm similar issues with P3D 3.2.3, ticket opened.
  12. N125DL

    Activation Issues

    @No_Aim @turbofandude I got it working the following way: 1.: uninstall 2.: de-activate Windows firewall 3.: run addon-manager on admin rights and reinstall Kind regards
  13. N125DL

    Activation Issues

    Same here! any ideas, @turbofandude?