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  1. Been waiting on a fix for view swapping since the release of 4.1. I wouldn't hold my breath on this getting resolved. I have since given up on the 717 and the promise that each LM update is suppose to fix this issue.
  2. Best of luck with this. CTD's have been a long time problem for many users when it comes to the 717. I thought P3D4.3 was suppose to fix the problem but I still see CTD reports. Recently QW distributed a CTD tool which seems to help them resolve a lot of the 787 CTD in just a short period. I forget, is there a 717 CTD tool that may be more useful in gathering data? Over the last few months it seems TFDI has gone quite with a few replies or comments here or there. Rumors were there was a change within. I'm really surprised we heard nothing from TFDI on the release of the 717 immersion pack by FSFX. You figured they be all over the release. But instead we get silence.
  3. I can also confirm this is an in going issue since P3D 3.4 and if I dig further in old post it was mentioned that it started with a certain version of the 717 and has not improved since.
  4. https://twitter.com/durkagamingHD/status/1019957848359559169
  5. It's a LM issues. TFDI posted a detailed explanation on twitter on what is causing the crashes. Not sure why they don't make it a sticky on their forums.
  6. Thanks anyways Rich. I'm sure they have seen this topic and your recommended fix but they are probably busy. Lets hope for the best. Thanks for your discovery and suggested fix.
  7. Looks like will just have to have a third party make the updates.
  8. This is the reason I put the 717 in the hanger. Two different computer builds and clean install of each version of P3Dv4x and you still can’t switch views without the possibility of it crashing. I could understand if it was only happening to me but others are having the same issue.
  9. Always use ChasePlane. This time I spent more time outside the aircraft during this flight.
  10. I just had a crash while using ChasePlane external views looking around the plane when I got a CTD. My event viewer shows no errors. This is a clean install of P3Dv4.3 and first time 717 has been installed. Did 2 other flight prior to this no problems.
  11. Rich Not sure if or when TFDI might fix or share your files. Could you share them? Thanks Dan
  12. TFDI will you be making Riche's files available or making adjustments to the lights as described in the topic?
  13. Looks good as always Steve. Hope to see the update soon.
  14. Is it just me or does the Delta repaint tail logo get washed out when the logo light is on?