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  1. Just saw the announcement about the 717 now being available via Orbx. Are there any plans for license transfers and the plans for future updates or reinstallation for those of us on P3Dv4.5. Will the addon manager still be used for updates? Under Orbx, updates is done from the Orbx software.
  2. I’m sure will hear something soon from TFDI. Now that they fixed the 717 with the help of LM, I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring it over to v5. I’ve been telling all my friends how great the 717 is now that it’s fixed and 3 of them purchased it right away.
  3. Outstanding. I have the 717 all loaded up along with navdata and the immersion package. I will test it out tomorrow. Thanks again for not giving up.
  4. Sounds good. Thanks for the update.
  5. I hope it releases this week. I have a list of routes I'm ready to fly.
  6. After all these years I’m looking forward to flying the 717 again. Will the fix be pushed as an update or a clean install of the 717?
  7. Following. It's December, almost the 3 year mark for the 717. It would be great news if a fix or update was released on the anniversary month.
  8. Yes, Rich is up and running. Thanks.
  9. I have a friend who is also waiting on his Activation to be fixed and it's been several days. He's been wanting to stream the 717 but he can't until it's activation has been fixed. And yes he put in a ticket.
  10. I recently switched over to a new email account and I was able to update my TFDI forums account email address but I am unable to change the main TFDI account email that was used to purchase the 717. Any suggestions?
  11. Here is a screenshot of mine. Guess where it's been parked the last several months, LOL
  12. I would post a pic but mine is still in the hanger for maintenance. Still waiting for those parts so it's safe to fly.