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    The aircraft was the successor to the 'MD-83' plane operated by Korean Air. Me and my friend have modified Fabio's paint. Korean Air HL7570 (MD-83) Korean Air Flight KE-1533 departed Seoul-Gimpo Airport (SEL), South Korea at 10:55 for a domestic flight to Pohang (KPO). Weather at Pohang was poor with rain and gusty variable winds.The first approach to land, at 11:40, was aborted. A second ILS approach was flown for landing on runway 10. During the approach winds had changed to 330 degrees with gusts to 32 knots. Tailwind component was 20 knots.The airplane touched down about 1500 feet past the runway 10 threshold at a speed of 158 knots (Vref was 144 knots). The autobrakes had been set to Medium. The thrust reversers deployed about 27 seconds after touchdown. These conditions resulted in the plane not being able to stop on the runway. It overran the runway, skidded through 10 antennas, a barbed wire fence and came to rest against an embankment, broken in two.
  2. kang04512

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Thank you for your response. The two you asked are Korean Air written in Korean(pigeon korean font), and the small one on the back is the MD-83 logo. I'll attach a picture. I will send you an aircraft information file separately. And Korean Air's T-tail aircraft have blue (horizontal) tail fins. The font of the aircraft registration number is Arial - Bold. And I'd like to send the Korean Air logo file, Korean 대한항공 word font separately. How can I do that? (Its .ai file) Thanks.
  3. kang04512

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Hello! In a country of calm morning. Pretty old pictures. It was the aircraft that operated on South Korean flag carrier, Korean Air! Although it is accidental and retired, it is impressive for people in Korea. Keep an eye on airlines in Asia! Sorry for the lack of photos.
  4. kang04512

    P3D V4 NO Gauges.....

    I just bought the 717. and..... first time, I have Installation Issues, i Fix it. Now Black Gauges. I trying to solve it by myself. Found another topic. and i have no idea what is problem. reinstall simconnect, AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe,...etc. re install aircraft - > no change. My P3DV4 is Pro. Win10, language is Korean. Install place E:/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D V4.