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  1. I am trying to help a friend, how do you activate the 717 through ORBX? I cant seem to find any information on how to setup anything for my friend, whom I gifted the plane to via orbx. does he need a tfdi account? how do you log into the addon manager?
  2. I have never gotten it to move from 145 myself
  3. Try CTRL+E if all else fails, as for normal ops, turn packs off and open the iso valve, apu on and running for 2 min and apu air is on.
  4. Same, the master and A/T arm work for me.
  5. if there is a sharp turn in the flight plan, it can cause an issue with the decent calculations, and start a repeating recalculation event. you the T/D as a guide, but be the pilot and remember, you have the Final say. be on top of the automation, be prepared for ATC to bring you in on a closer runway approach, and just use the T/D as a reference.
  6. Autopilot Horn: press the A/P disconnect on the yoke, or hit your A/P master disconnect key bind to silence. WX radar requires Active Sky(and not sure about rex, check the manual)
  7. First check to make sure you do not have the 2 latest drivers from Nvidia, as they contain a bug that is causing issues with P3D in general. this dates back to March 30 until at least now.
  8. TFDi Design 717: Trans World Airlines Paint - Official Repaints - TFDi Design Forums readme texture reads: texture=MIDWEST_AIRLINES_N919ME Correct to texture=TWA_N401TW
  9. Allow for a special events flight to be manually dispatched by the airline, rather than by the pilot, with the optional use of an acars chat system directly with company dispatch. I had been listening to some podcasts in relation to dispatching. As a dispatcher, you take the same operational control as the pilots. Some VAs like to push realism, but dont always have the tools to do it. for special events, it makes sense that a VA would want to "dispatch" their flights, since they probably already coordinated with ATC. Integrate this with simbrief, For instance, the pilot logs into the sim and acars, and loads the flight. The airline despatcher will begin a series of checks from their end that you flight is properly configured. Dispatch can preload a set weight and fuel, pilot can confirm, and if both are happy, the flight is cleared. Routes in the future can be pre-cleared by the airline with a planned event, leaving the pilot to just setup and push the plane, all the preflight planning mostly done by the VA. add some extra features like no Talks, and automatic equipment issue reporting to immediately get a dispatcher in contact with pilots having issues. in review A dispatch system Primarily meant for training/event flights to give VAs the option to take more operational control when/where needed, and pilots an expedited pre-flight. Also, Quick Links for Aircraft QRH, and Checklists.(VA provided via links)
  10. Hello, I am looking for North America based Co Pilots(for latency reasons) to fly with. Don't be afraid to reach out if you are unfamiliar with the aircraft. I have Scenery for many US airports, and typically fly 2 hour or less flights. reach out to me on discord TheGroundedPilot#3169 https://discord.gg/M5RyTym Speeds: 100Mbps Down 10 Mbps UP Ping: 16ms Tampa 42ms New York 52ms Dallas 44ms Chicago 76 Los Angeles 89ms Seattle 51ms Toronto I live in central Florida, if your ping is under 100ms to Orlando or Tampa, we should be good!
  11. should have came with the 717, hope a retro can be made....
  12. Maybe as an optional addon, but this may be outside the scope, and require information that may be locked up under export control with the military, to do it with the level of realism required.
  13. I Agree, this would increase the realism!
  14. Realistic failures based on scenarios depicted in the aircraft SOP. Hot start simulation. A cockpit door that opens with integration from pacx.(Flight attendant delivers meals, or allows pilot to use the bathroom) Snartcars integration within the FMC(for activating booked flights, and exchanging info. Smartcars can send or receive flight plans to/from aircraft) Cargo specific version: Unsecured load failure Live animal transport factor that accounts for heavy animals freaking out during the departure phase) Cargo fire that can spread/damage other equipment, and a small chance the extinguisher fails to fully extinguishe the fire.
  15. This happened in their discord. TheGroundedPilot04/08/2020 @ Collin Biedenkapp Will all products be supported for P3DV5? I know pacx and smartcars should interface as always, I am just mainly curious of the 717 and how it will act with Direct X 12. Fabio Almeida04/08/2020 @ TheGroundedPilot It’ll depend on the complexity in doing so, if it’s just a recompile, we can do that
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