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  1. While under Dev, can we induce emergency situations that pacx creates so we can try them out, rather than wait for them to occur? I have flown a fair amount, but have yet to have an incident.
  2. KATL - Atlanta KDFW - Dallas/Fort Worth KRSW - Fort Myers KDEN - Denver KSDF - Louisville KLAX - Las Angeles KDCA- Washington D.C. KSEA - Seattle KSFO - San Francisco KMIA - Miami KSLC - Salt Lake City KIAH - Houston KACT - Waco KSAT - San Antonio KAUS - Austin KTPA - Tampa KMCO - Orlando KFLL KPHX KLAS
  3. Technotron

    Seatbelts bug

    Timestamps 48:50 1:27:10 The program is playing both sign on and off, as well as not replaying the message recorded... Bug or user error?
  4. I am looking for a virtual airline that embraces this aircraft in their fleet. I am mostly just looking for the best community to interact with other pilots of this product. I have tried an Airtran Virtual, but it seems dead now. I know Delta is the biggest operator now, but even then, who is better for those who would like to take advantage of multicrew operations.
    I love the repaint, but there is a texture issue, the slats are discolored a darker color. it seems to only be this paint for me. Even your screenshots have it. Response to the author: could you release a second version without the modification?
  5. I just learned I know enough to mostly paint an aircraft for my fictional VA, I just dont know enough to properly paint an aircraft....
  6. You just answered my prayers! lol