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  1. Hello, I am looking for North America based Co Pilots(for latency reasons) to fly with. Don't be afraid to reach out if you are unfamiliar with the aircraft. I have Scenery for many US airports, and typically fly 2 hour or less flights. reach out to me on discord TheGroundedPilot#3169 Speeds: 100Mbps Down 10 Mbps UP Ping: 16ms Tampa 42ms New York 52ms Dallas 44ms Chicago 76 Los Angeles 89ms Seattle 51ms Toronto I live in central Florida, if your ping is under 100ms to Orlando or Tampa, we should be good!
  2. should have came with the 717, hope a retro can be made....
  3. Maybe as an optional addon, but this may be outside the scope, and require information that may be locked up under export control with the military, to do it with the level of realism required.
  4. I Agree, this would increase the realism!
  5. Realistic failures based on scenarios depicted in the aircraft SOP. Hot start simulation. A cockpit door that opens with integration from pacx.(Flight attendant delivers meals, or allows pilot to use the bathroom) Snartcars integration within the FMC(for activating booked flights, and exchanging info. Smartcars can send or receive flight plans to/from aircraft) Cargo specific version: Unsecured load failure Live animal transport factor that accounts for heavy animals freaking out during the departure phase) Cargo fire that can spread/damage other equipment,
  6. This happened in their discord. TheGroundedPilot04/08/2020 @ Collin Biedenkapp Will all products be supported for P3DV5? I know pacx and smartcars should interface as always, I am just mainly curious of the 717 and how it will act with Direct X 12. Fabio Almeida04/08/2020 @ TheGroundedPilot It’ll depend on the complexity in doing so, if it’s just a recompile, we can do that
  7. Upon further research, I have found another issue with all our flight sims. Our default Magnetic data is out of date. You can update the data here and should help with the issue. grab the updated MagVar download
  8. Use your mouse wheel to turn on adjust. All dial type switches use mouse wheel.
  9. Version 1.07


    This is the Aircraft Operations Manual and FCOM for Airtran Airways 717. Includes: Emergency Checklists(some are not simulated by the simulator) Operations Procedures System Descriptions Performance Revision 7: 1/15/2002
  10. On the fms, select NAV/RAD, you will see the ILS freq, but the course will be blank, add that in there by repeating the freq and adding the course heading
  11. So I am on my way home and I have an idea for a new product that could add another level of realism on top of existing. The idea is a product to allow 2 users connecting over a network, to simulate pushback, and other tug movements. Imagine signing in on vatsim and being able to request a tug, you exchange up info, and tug is able to push aircraft from the gate. Now imagine landing with no hydraulics, if a tug is online, a controller in theory could dispatch it to move the aircraft, rather than requiring the player to disconnect. Now to implement wide adopt
  12. I guess I need to submit a bug, the airports are hit or miss. on departure I will hear a pause while on arrival I will hear the the city. Were you planning on using the entire airport name? Also KRSW just says Florida
  13. While under Dev, can we induce emergency situations that pacx creates so we can try them out, rather than wait for them to occur? I have flown a fair amount, but have yet to have an incident.
  14. KATL - Atlanta KDFW - Dallas/Fort Worth KRSW - Fort Myers KDEN - Denver KSDF - Louisville KLAX - Las Angeles KDCA- Washington D.C. KSEA - Seattle KSFO - San Francisco KMIA - Miami KSLC - Salt Lake City KIAH - Houston KACT - Waco KSAT - San Antonio KAUS - Austin KTPA - Tampa KMCO - Orlando KFLL KPHX KLAS