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  1. charliecharlie

    VC Lights Flickering with SLI

    I hav'nt reinstalled the 717 yet, but with addons (Maddogx, MV c310Redux) using RealLight the flickering issue is still there in p3v4.4 As far as I understand Turbofandude comments, realLight needs to be reworked using new sli sdk improuvments, so SLI users have to be patient 😉 Good news anyway ! Thanks for the update !
  2. charliecharlie

    VC Lights Flickering with SLI

    Hello, I wonder the same and really hope so. Regarding the new feature SDK, LM says "Added SLI and texture format options to Rendering System in PDK." Don't know if this is reallight flickering issue related, but it would be nice if TFDi dev could clarify that point. A so long awaited fix....maybe, who knows. Thank you Georges