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  1. I understood that OAT was entered automatically into the TO page. Even after a reinstallation this does not happen for me. So I go to the prog page and there it is. I then try and enter the number, say 23degs (with the proper symbol in the prog page)....and everytime I am told a Format Error. There is very little information about this in the Guide but of course no OAT, no V speeds. I can calculate them from a table or just assume a lift off at about 145knots but this latter is very imprecise. Has anyone faced this error and has a workaround. It may be related but I am also getting a panel serialisation warning on startup.
  2. I have been away from the 717 for sometime. Then I cleaned my entire computer, so lost the installation. I have now downloaded the latest manager but have no record of my password, which creates a real hangup. To change my password I need the old password. Yes I can get into the site because the password is loaded as dots, but that is no help to get into the Addon Manager. I would just like to be able to reinstall the aircraft. PS I do have a full backup of the Simobjects entry, but that would still leave me without any appdata entries?? Help, please.
  3. I am not too happy flying Legacy aircraft, but in this case the 717 is one of the two principal aircraft in the Qantaslink fleet. Therefore it is a real experience in a real geographic setting and if I am tedious I can also set up my flights to match the time and routes of the real thing.
  4. Agree, a huge job, but it would sell. There is no quality version on the horizon that I can see.
  5. I"ve been getting scalloping on the GS which means the plane hunts speeds as it swoops up and down.
  6. I did Open a ticket, and got a great useful response from staff member Josh Riley.
  7. I have owned the B717 for some time, but for whatever reason I uninstalled it. Now I have been trying to reinstall. In my file of saved material, there is only the manager/installer, but I was unable to reinstall from the material I have. So I tried to re-download but it crashes out a file 8 every time. What can I do to overcome this. I woiuld like a clean download, but I am reluctant to part with nearly $AU100 to do this. Can you steer me through this.