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  1. Quick question out of curiosity, how does P3D v4 dynamic lighting compare to the TFDi real light? They seemed to do the same thing, but different ways.
  2. rc12

    ATC button on FMS

    I have one suggestion for the 717, about ATC button that doesn't work on the FMS, could you guys make text appear on the bottom of the MCDU screen where on would type stuff in that says "KEY FUNCTION INOP" when a user clicks on it? To me it makes sense.
  3. rc12

    Unable to find the 717 paintkit

    Hello all, I am interested in creating a few repaints for the 717 as I have some extra time, but I have been unable to find a paint kit for the 717 on the TFDi website or anywhere else. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks