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  1. Hello, Can you tell me with which keys in the TFDi 717-200 I can switch off the autotrhottle? I am flying P3Dv4.5 Regards, Victor Dechesne
  2. A center of gravity is mentioned in the tablet of the 717. Is this the TOCG or the ZFWCG? If this is the TOCG, where do I find the ZFWCG? Both details are requested in the FMC.
  3. I managed to solve my problem. The Autorudder was switched on. I turned this off. The rudder can now be controlled via my foot rudder. Thanks for your help.
  4. I suspected that test was intended, but it is not used. Do I have to completely remove this key from the control setting of P3Dv4?
  5. Where can I check this setting.?
  6. When taxiing I notice that my aileron and rudder are linked. My foot rudder is not responding. I fly with P3Dv4 and control the Saitek control with FSUIPC5. I completely switched off the control of P3Dv4 itself and removed the axes. This problem only occurs with my TFDi 717. I have no problems with this on other planes. What is going on here? Where should I look for the solution here?
  7. Thanks for the advice. The problem is solved via a message to the administrator of Spad Next.
  8. I would like to operate switches of my TFDi717 via my Saitek Switch panel. I have a license with SpadNext. Do I have to program this via FSUIPC, or Simconnect or LVAR or via another extension?
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