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  1. ACA235

    EXT MECH Call Button

    FYI - accidentally hit the EXT MECH call putting on the FWD overhead - F/O side - and it wont stop ringing - even when I hit the CALL RESET button
  2. ACA235

    Flight Manual

    Check your private message
  3. ACA235

    Flight Manual

    Evening TFDi team First off - nice work on this aircraft. I have a ton of time in and MD80 that I flew with a Canadian startup company that no longer exists. Now flying for the largest airline in Canada on a wide body. I have been following the development of your aircraft for some time and took the plunge the other day. Many of you won't underatand when I say that when you are strapped in to a real MD80 - which is very close to the 717 - that at the time, the MD80 was the perfect blend of technology and piloting. One actually got to fly the machine and deal with all its quirks. However, that said, I am unable to find the flight manual for the aircraft that has the performance charts and such along with the other associated manuals one might find when training or operating a new aircraft. Please advise