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  2. ha5mvo

    Prepar3d V4 compatibility.

    Your call, but I can't see the rational. For one, it's free, besides - there are additional features that are not included in the current "release" version. Of course its a beta, hence it has its bugs but the release version is not lacking those either. Otherwise its perfectly flyable.
  3. ha5mvo

    Prepar3d V4 compatibility.

    If you download the opt-in Beta, you'll find it is p3d4 compatible
  4. ha5mvo Feedback

    Does anyone have a problem receiving VOR signal? Since the last update I'm getting nothing! I can set the freq., the FMC associates it with the right VOR yet I have no indication on the ND. I have attached an example. this is the RAMBA approach to ELLX. In addition the descent profiles seems very erratic. It requires a Vs of -3000 at times which of course leads to excessive speeds that won't dissipate even at Vs of -1000 and less... Luckily, there are the speed brakes that feel like they are the size of a barn door as they can chip off some good 30 KT in a matter of seconds. I certainly don't have the official performance data, but this just doesn't look right..
  5. ha5mvo

    Landing/Taxi lights

    hi, there's no way I can get below x2 or x4 SSAA, or else the shimmer is intolerable. MSAA will make it tolerable vis-à-vis fps but as I said , in all other aspects its a big visual setback. Running a 6G 1060 on 1080p. Default sceneries are OK but enter an addon with several DL cones and a scenario where those overlap and the frames go below 20, sometimes single digit - not something you'd like on final.
  6. As things stand, and unless something dramatic changes with the Dynamic light performance hit in V4.1, many - like myself will disable this option as to avoid single digit FPS. (reducing AA is unacceptable due to shimmering). Now, what that means and not only for the TFDi plane, is that there are absolutely neither taxi nor landing light available. Probably nothing new so far.... What I wonder though, is that while my fancy planes go landinglightless, the AI around me have perfectly working light! Granted, not as fancy as DL but fully functional nonetheless and more importantly serve the purpose. I know there is no way of telling if DL is activated or not, but surely can't one put an option in the manager and change the effect used for the lights accordingly?
  7. ha5mvo

    Browser in 717 Tablet

  8. ha5mvo

    Addon Manager

    Ability to retain previously entered values (fuel + payload)
  9. Will it accept .pln files generated by most planners (e.g pfpx) or only its particular xml format?
  10. ha5mvo

    Flight Manual

    ummm...remember them....was in Florida at the time and the company scheduled to take me home just disappeared into thin air
  11. I believe the question referred to IMPORT rather than the export of a plan
  12. ha5mvo

    Windows 10 Blue Screen of :(

    Is either the cpu or gpu ovrtclocked on tour system?