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  1. Hello there, I fly the Dash 8 Q400 (Majestic's) for BEEvirtual.eu, and I'd like to suggest something. The manufacturer's procedure, when arriving at the gate, is to feather the left engine, wait 30 seconds to let it cool down, then shut it down. Then, do the same thing with the right engine. If you follow Bombardier's procedures, currently smartCARS won't count those engines being shut off (it takes too long, I believe, and by the time you do it, smartCARS is no longer looking for it), and you miss out on points your VA might give you (such as with BEEvirtual) for shutting the engines down. So my suggestion is to allow a longer time for the engines to be shut down and still have smartCARS count it towards your achievements for the flight. Thank you for the consideration.