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  1. fdm79

    CTD when loading 717

    Hi. Since P3D 4.2, I've been having CTD when trying to load the plane no matter what. I already performed a clean install several times with no success.... It simply shuts P3D saying it has encountered and error and needs to close !
  2. Regarding the use about the Load Manager, no matter if I load fuel or not, it crashes... And I thought this forum was already a support for the product... To open a thread, the page asks for info that I don`t have clue where to find ! "Log Viewer" ... "Mini dump" How am I suppose to know where to get these things ?
  3. I've barely had any time to use P3D lately but since 4.2, whenever I simply load the plane, it crashes to desktop...... It's the only add-on that I've been having this issue after P3D 4.2 ... Needless to say that I've already performed a clean install, deleted many times, tried again, etc. Everything up to date, Nvidia Drivers, Windows 10, etc etc etc... I'm kind of giving up on this one........
  4. Indeed... Many people still don't know about the "hidden miracle" lol. Jokes apart, I don't think that setup is very intuitive to find since many people only found out due to the topics here and maybe not everyone will really benefit from it except the ones with very powerful vídeo cards. I don't believe that the 1080Ti uses it's full potential for P3D. As for the Localizer issue, it still remains for me but it happens in different ocasions and in different ways, which makes me more confused and without an idea of what could be the cause. One thing I DID notice is: As I use P3D default ATC, I always approach using the default vectoring system. And, if by some coincidence, the APP throws me far way from the runway for an ILS, the plane has more time to "correct and adjust" the localizer path and hence, more chances for a good aligned land. If the ATC throws me too close, there will be no time for the "adjustment" and the plane will surely land off the center. By my so far experience, it's weird how the LNAV is very sensitive to follow the track but the Localizer has been not.
  5. Thank you, guys ! Regarding HW Rendering, I found it by coincidence, reading a topic here where someone asked about it ! I believe many people will have the same issue not finding it because most people won't try to scroll the screen and I also think that what helps me with this is the 1080Ti ... It would be a waste not using it even further. And, the LOC thing, I've been reading what I wrote and maybe I haven't expressed my issue quite precisely... It's not about the Localizer being misaligned but it's actually, the Loc not following the magenta line very accurately. You can see on my pics that it's a fraction of a dot off the center ! However, I must say, this plane has been intriguing me a LOT.... last time I flew with it, (2 days ago) from Dublin EIDW to Lisbon LPPT, strangely, I had no yoke violent movement at any point flying over waypoints and............... performing a full ILS on RWY 3R (LPPT) was perfect and it followed the magenta line totally centered !!! I think this plane is alive and it's moody LOL PS - To answer Joshua, Nope, no add on at all in KSLC itself but I have ORBX FTX Global, North America LC, NA Central Rockies, NA Northern Rockies, NA Pacific Fjords, NA Pacific Northwest (Actually,I own all ORBX LC and Areas in Europe, Australia and South America. I don't have VECTOR). I have both California and Alaska as well but ended up uninstalling these last 3 because it's too heavy on large airports like Los Angeles and Anchorage.
  6. Another non related "ILS misalignment" feedback. After I turned on the Hardware Rendering option, my CTD are gone (at least, so far, testing at the same conditions that I had CTD when the option was "off"). Performance has also increased a little bit.
  7. Crazy thing is : After I had this last misaligned ILS land, I parked the plane, turned everything off, then, set panel state as "ready to fly", inserted on FMC as Flight Plan "KSLC/KSLC" and chose again I16R for ILS... Then, I Slewed the plane with the RWY to check the Localizer indication and it was perfectly aligned with the center of the RWY... Then, I even went further and dropped the plane using Slew mode to intercept LOC and GS... And.... It landed perfectly aligned......... Very confused here !
  8. Hi, Since July, I abandoned FSX for good after 11 years and now I'm a happy P3D V4 user... Since I bought this incredible add-on (3 days ago), I've been testing it and so far, I'm loving this Bird a lot ! It has an enormous potential ! Since I had some experience with the PMDG MD-11, it's been quite an easy task and joy to get familiarized with the 717 ! So far, I haven't encountered most of the bugs reported except the abrupt yoke movement when flying over fixes and also, when intercepting a route using LNAV, the plane goes almost 90 degrees to interception (feels almost like a default FSX/P3D) unrealistic interception. I found it also, a bit heavy on the system (A bit more than PMDG 737/777/ 747, which are considerably more complex, for example). I've had some CTD with the 717 as well, but hopefully, it will be more stable in the future since it's still BETA for P3D V4. The real show stopper for me so far, is the ILS and Autoland... NONE of the ILS landings I've performed so far, the plane landed on the center of the RWY.... I don't mean by a small margin but a quite substantial margin !!! (I forgot to hit PRTSCN all the times to show here). I remember I found a post somewhere here regarding this issue, where someone says that we should have AFCAD updated but this is pure non sense since EVERY other add on (and I own almost all of the airliners like PMDG 737,777,747, AS CRJ, and waiting for AS Airbus) land perfectly centered using P3D V4 or the FSX as they are !! Except for this issues, I'm really loving this plane and believe TFDI has a great potential ! I hope this company becomes a parallel company with PMDG ! Fabio Darolt My system specs: i7 6700K @4.5GHz 1.25V - Corsair H80i GT AsRock Z170 OC Formula 32 GB Kingston HyperX Savage DDR4 2800MHz XMP1 ASUS RoG Strix Nvidia GTX 1080Ti OC SSD Corsair Force LE - 500Gb SSD Corsair Force LE - 1Tb (P3DV4 Installed) SSD Samsung EVO 850 - 2Tb 1 HD Segate 2Tb Corsair HX1000i PSU Monitor ASUS PG348Q Ultrawide Saitek X52 Pro Windows 10 64Bits