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  1. Yes, i have also the same issues with the Thrustmaster TCA throttle..... I fly also all the Airbusses from Aerosoft and they have a special piece of software the "Configurator" to enable the TCA Throttle Quadrant.(See the picture) If it is enabled then you're good with the Airbusses..... There is a solution to configure the throttles with FSUIPC but you have to delete the X and Y axis in your Flightsimm (Mostly Prepar3D v4.5 or v5.1) you can then set the total range of your throttles with FSUIPC included the reverse detent zone. The strange thing is that i can't fly the Airbusses anymore....if i delete the Axles, because the Axles don't exist in the Flightsim anymore.... And all the other planes like PMDG etc, they need the Axles normaly but if you delete them then you have to configure every single plane in FSUIPC.... I hope some day TFDi Design make it also possible to fly with the Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant..... Might be an extra setting in the Addon Manager ....? Hope that i informed you a little... Greetings, Hans
  2. Thru the ticket support system i cannot send a TFDi generated crash report..... The file is to big............. After the latest update v1.1.8.0 i can't fly in P3D v4.5 What to do?
  3. Yes, I was also surprised when I started the Addon Manager and it suddenly started updating ....? But then I look at the Manage Installations and it appears that it is still the version that was already installed .... Was there an update for the version? Regards, Hans
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