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  1. What i do (It works for me) after a new update always use the Addon Manager (prior to load P3D or prior to load de aircraft) and give a payload and fuel, and load it to the sim. It seems that the config file for the B717 gets corrupted after an update. Good Luck Guys!
  2. Hi there, I've noticed a strange setting in the Addon Manager. It shows at the P3D v4.xx ( I have P3D v4.4) tab that i have version from the B717 installed....? I did a search in the fora, also in the Opt Beta (I am a member) can't find anything about an version.... See the picture, How is that possible? Regards, Hans
  3. Yes! Why not an option tru the tablet "Baro setting in Hectopascal or Inches" and it's saves that option then. Or thru the Addon Manager....that is also an option....?
  4. This is how it looks now by me......Version No problems, started uo from Cold and Dark..... Real flight at this moment LOWW-EHAM
  5. Yes, me too.....crash when choose an SID...... Why does the Addon Manager not let me choose if i want to install an update? the was perfect for me..... Now i have to wait again until they solve this issue.....
  6. That a stupid text file could cause so much misery, but it is fixed. We can fly again ...... With this great plane. Have just made a flight from LOWI to ELLX without problems. Just did what Gamesyns said and that was the trick..... Thank you Gamesyns!!!!! Did you know that in the last update there are no more liveries? Only the standard TFDi design liverie ... they are still mentioned in the "aircraft.cfg" file but the textures are no longer installed ..... See you in the Sky ......
  7. Yes me too! Never had problems until the update..... Prepar3D.exe 5a7c832c api.dll 5a7c83e1 c0000005 0000000000015611 3f80 01d4029498489eea D:\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe D:\Prepar3D v4\api.dll 4dd6bea5-3d1d-4fa6-8186-149556ebe03f
  8. exactly the same issues with me.....! Never had problems until update I have P3D v4.2 and v3.4 and v2.5 GeForce® Experience™ is also not working as it should be..... NVIDIA is working for an solution right now....
  9. I have the same strange issue when i fill in an alternate airport in the FMC..... When i don't fill in an alternate airport then no strange lines in de FMC....
  10. Yes, and de Win10 Spring update 1803 was also an disappointment until NVIDA came up with new drivers..... Everything was put into protected mode again ...... You can understand how that affects your Sim with all addons .....
  11. Today I made a flight with the version in P3D v4.2 and I can confirm that it went very smoothly!✈️ I had a framerate of 40-60 fps with quite a heavy scenery (ORBX LOWI and LDDU).💻 I have discovered a difference in the load manager data and the data on the tablet.⚙️ The figures are different (Gross Weight and Zero Fuel Weight). The Load Manager with respect to the Tablet gives different values ...?🔢 But for the rest it is a great craft to fly with!✔️✔️✔️ Keep up the good work!👍👍👍 Hans
  12. Thank's for the reply! I will try on the next flight to push the yellow button on the yoke, the one left of the "Master Warning" didn't stop the sirene/wailer. Hans
  13. Hi guys, Today performed a testflight from LOWI to EDDF and 1000ft above the ground turned off the Autopilot. But i couldn't turnd off the Sirene/Wailer sound, even after turning On the Autopilot again on the ground...... I found it pretty annoying..... Overall it's a nice plane and easy to handle. Tip for the developpers: Make a (short) tutorial flight from the scratch (cold and dark) in a PDF learn quick and easy the plane. I know there is a lot to find at Youtube etc, but a written tutorial flight is a basic for all brands of devellopers.... Hans