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  1. I am having this issue after the latest update. All displays and avionics are dark, even after APU power kicks in. I have no idea what ethanb1999 is talking about. What panels folder where? Running P3D4.5 hf3 in Windows 7-64. Graphics card is GTX 1070, drivers current. The plane was working properly before latest update. No trouble with any other aircraft.
  2. I see that there are three possible panel states in the panel/states folder. I currently end up in cold and dark. Is there a way to change this to one of the other two?
  3. Ah, yes, I remember having to do that now that you mention it. Glad you got it sorted!
  4. I have the 717 and the latest PATC. Once I have my clearance, I can enter the route code in the "company routes" line in the FMC and it loads.
  5. Haha, OK. I was looking more to the little slot under the side window. Thanks!
  6. If you accidentally close the tablet before you are done using it, how do you get it back? (P3D)