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  1. Novej

    Insufficient Fuel

    Yup this has been an issue for me in fsx too!
  2. This is not just a p3d problem. I'm seeing it in fsx also!
  3. Ehhh that's not major. The landing lights the ground at night when landing so that's good enough for me. I can't see any of the other lights. Just one of those fine tuning things others might want
  4. The external lights (or lack there of for us fsx users) is my only complaint with her.
  5. Sweet I'm not the only one.... I could have sworn there was a more pronounced ground roll in the initial release..... Maybe a placebo.... (shrug)
  6. Novej

    Dail a Flap

    I use flap 15 for heavy or short runway departures.
  7. Novej

    Wings provide no lift

    SN......Where's your brake temps on your config page?
  8. Novej

    Wings provide no lift

    You try reinstalling?
  9. Novej

    Wings provide no lift

    Can you show a pic of your configuration page? Also what engine option are using 18.5K or 21K? What airport are you trying to takeoff from and what is the outside ambient temp? Lastly have you tried setting a different dial a flap setting. For that gross weight I personally would be using a flap 15 takeoff.........though that shouldn't matter that much.... One more thing I also reset my sim after every flight because for some reason the 717 has a huge VAS footprint.......
  10. Novej

    Brief Status Update

    but but..........I can't even see the landing lights in the daylight.....(sniff) :'(
  11. Novej

    Brief Status Update

    First your transparency is greatly appreciated. Second please add "take a closer look at virtual memory usage/ code optimization" to your list. There are quite a few guys (as you know me included) that have gotten the oom chimes at various points on some rather short flights....... Oh and when can we 'haz' proper exterior lights???? You should be proud of how far you all have brought this jet. I know it wasnt easy and a lot of us gave it to you with those initial releases....your response to all that is a lesson many manufactures should take across various (not just the sim) industries. Listen to your customers, do not degrade their opinions, own up to your mistakes and fix them! Oh and communicate!!!
  12. Novej

    Virtual Memory

    Guys telling someone "oh just go and buy P3d v4" isn't really an adequate solution when the bird is billed (and was originally introduced) for fsx. You don't know peoples personal situations or in my case levels of laziness and procrastination (I mean all the addons in fsx alone that I would have to reload...........OMG. I have all the parts to rebuild my Weak Sauce aka computer and I still haven't because of that reason alone )....I digress. Lets also not forget as awesome as V4 is, not every FSX addon supports it yet. Some developers may not at all. The original poster clearly stated his issue is in FSX. He looks to have a more than capable machine. I think many of us (with fsx) will agree this VAS issue is a new one that even the earlier (albeit worse versions of our bird) did not suffer from. I mean there are guys (myself included) who have ran out of virtual memory before PUSHBACK ! Though your advice is greatly appreciated, "go get V4" doesn't really help us right now..... Now to @Plexi one thing that helped me was changing my texture max load under the graphic section of the FSX.cfg from 4096 to 1024. All my flightbeam, fsdreamteam and flytampa sceneries still work fine with that setting. But so far no more VAS warnings.....(to date I haven't had an OOM yet!)
  13. Novej

    Virtual Memory

    I got the VAS chime just sitting at Fxscenery KSAV preparing for departure today! On short flights such as KSAV-KATL I have gotten the chime pulling into the gate. Todays was the first I got before I even pushed back Something changed with one of the later versions of the bird. Im not sure what but of all the issues I've had with her VAS was never one of them in the earlier iterations. My issues started with the spot view. I don't know which version it started on but for some reason the plane is zoomed STUPID far out, even in the FSX setup menu. This requires zooming in once it loads the flight. All I did was zoom in so I could see it at the gate (I hate when Im not parked on the lead in line)........and she started chiming. Maybe Fsxcenery has an issue but considering I've gotten the warning flying into other airports from other developers, all I can do is look at the common denominator. Whats worse is I even backed off my settings hoping that that would improve things, so far it almost seems like that didn't really help. Ever since I first purchased this plane the day it was initially released, I've never had to back down my settings. I'm really happy with the plane but this new issue is really bugging me. Like i said something changed in these recent versions, and its having an ADVERSE performance hit on my machine.......aka Weak Sauce! Stop reminding me that I need to rebuild this stupid thing TFDI.........Im dreading all the things I'll have to reload just to fly again
  14. Novej

    Preview Window/Spot View Zoom

    Yup I'm with them.......