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  1. gamesyns

    Flickering RealLight - no support topic?

    Incorrect, we have reached out to LM and have been working in the background to solve the issue. They said it was to improve with V4.3, but word has it that is somehow got worse since V4.2.
  2. gamesyns


    You would need to contact Pro-ATC and let them know
  3. gamesyns

    New update

    Please see the beta changelog in the Community Opt-In Beta section
  4. gamesyns

    TFDi Design Addon Manager Won't Let Me Log In

    We were having server issues, please try again.
  5. gamesyns

    Upcoming Pefformance Update

    Two separate facets of the project, our version 1.1 update covers updates extending for over a year since the last major update to the aircraft. It is time the public version gets updated. If you'd like to see all the bugs that have been fixed in version 1.1 that are not fixed in the current non-COB version, look through the entire changelog, every entry there is not available to the non-COB version. We are not going to tell our modelers to stop working because P3D has a view switch bug or issues with dynamic lighting.
  6. gamesyns

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

  7. gamesyns

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    What are your system specs?
  8. gamesyns

    Screens Not Rendering

    It looks like you're suffering the SGSSAA P3D bug. SGSSAA isn't correctly implemented into the sim, so some aircraft have issues with their displays due to this rendering bug. It isn't an option in the AA setting due to this but can be forced using NVIDIA Inspector. If you use this, please be sure to disable SGSSAA and try a different type of AA setting.
  9. gamesyns

    LOC ONLY feature thread?

    There is something screwed up with the post, I may need to delete it.
  10. gamesyns

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    can you upload them to imgur and link them and I can see what might be going on?
  11. gamesyns

    Real light fps problem on new airbus

    Can you send the pictures again?
  12. gamesyns

    Free for 717 owners

    No, this is a separate product and will be an additional purchase.
  13. gamesyns

    How to load a CO ROUTE after a FROM/TO filling in?

    You just re-enter in the FROM/TO and it will show you the available CO Routes again.