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  1. gamesyns

    Acivation issuea

    Please open a ticket on our website
  2. gamesyns

    Exterior of 717 missing.

    Have you tried reinstalling the plane/sim?
  3. gamesyns

    Squawk Code Settings

    Do you have any reference on this? I'm not saying you're wrong, but we want to double check that it is for sure incorrect.
  4. gamesyns

    Tablet "auto-lock" timer is not saved

  5. Hey Josh, are you able to reliably recreate this issue?
  6. gamesyns

    Flight attendant announcements

  7. gamesyns

    Display flickering in VC view

  8. gamesyns

    FMS prof during landing

  9. gamesyns

    ILS Approach Altitude hold

  10. gamesyns

    Display flickering in VC view

    What GPU do you use?
  11. gamesyns

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    We are working on a potential lead with this issue, hopefully, we'll have more updates to come.
  12. gamesyns

    Saving Fplan in FMC

    Absolutely, you can export CO Routes using the maintenance page. PFPX doesn't support 717 yet, as it requires a special format to export.
  13. gamesyns

    Display flickering in VC view

    Are you using SLI?
  14. gamesyns

    Vapor Trails.

    So I think I know why this may be happening, can you delete any entries in the aircraft.cfg that has FSFX entries?