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  1. David Katona

    Flex Temperature - 18.5 Engine Variant

    Please try wabpro.cz i had troubles with the server providers earlier
  2. David Katona Feedback

    I really like this release. Only thing I noticed on descend (profile) that the horizontal flight director bar was moving up and down continuously (commanded a pitch of -1 then 0 degrees approximately), the aircraft however was descending steadily keeping a pitch of -1 degree. What do you guys think about the approach speeds? I generally add about 5 knots to the calculated VAPP, because if I don’t, the nose attitude is about +5 degrees, but the only comparison I have to real life aircraft is some low quality videos, so the attitude might be okay, just seems a bit too excessive for me? However I am generally very happy with this release, very good job!
  3. David Katona

    ZFW CG

    I took the MAC limits from a real life operator’s AHM560, and matches the envelope on their manual loadsheet as well. If you need more reference from me let me know, but let’s see what the pilot comes back with. Thank you for looking into this, David
  4. David Katona

    ZFW CG

    Hello, I am having some trouble entering the ZFW CG. Using the load manager I have loaded the aircraft with passengers, bags and fuel, resulting in a gross weight of 49.2 tonnes (6060kgs of fuel). Ramp MAC: 16.6%. Assuming 200kgs of taxi fuel, my TOW is 49 tonnes and MAC 16.4% - all is good. ZFW of 43.2 tonnes, MAC 9.6% as per my calculation, and confirmed by removing the fuel completely and checking the tablet again (screenshot provided). MAC 9.6% is within the envelope, FWD limit is 8.22%, AFT limit is 22.7%, however the WEIGHT INIT page will not accept anything under 12% MAC. Is that a limitation in the real aircraft as well? Thank you, David
  5. David Katona Feedback

    @turbofandude Thank you for detailed reply and continuous support. Unrelated to this release, and I can’t provide examples until I’m back home, but a few weeks ago on several of my flights the load manager loaded the aircraft correctly within the MAC envelope for take off. With some backwards calculation the ZFW CG was well outside the envelope (confirmed my calculation by removing all the fuel and checking the MAC on the tablet). Obviously without mentioning the airline, is it possible to get a copy of the index/MAC limits the aircraft was based on? With other types I have encountered that some airlines used more strict limits, and it might be the case that the AHM560 I have is more restrictive.
  6. David Katona Feedback

    I had no chance to try the current version, my problem with the last version (other than unable to descend because of the fadec and the ground friction, but I am sure they are working on that) was that once you selected an arrival, but then later you changed the arrival runway it did not filter the STARs for that runway like when you do it for the first time. Has that been fixed, or is it how it works in the real aircraft? I’m away on business trip and unable to do a test flight unfortunately. Just got scared because of the announcement that once 1.1 released this product is forgotten, if somebody could check that for me I would appreciate that
  7. David Katona

    Flex Temperature - 18.5 Engine Variant

    There was an issue with the calculation getting stuck when the OAT wasn't a round number but had decimals. I have fixed that. Also, in a couple of days I am adding a new page to calculate ZFW CG and also to show MAC envelope. If you have any ideas what might be helpful, just let me know and I will include.
  8. David Katona

    Flex Temperature - 18.5 Engine Variant

    I have added engine option C1 as well. If you use it and it gets stuck just let me know and I will look into it.
  9. Hello, I have uploaded the take-off performance figures into my database and prepared a simple website to calculate flex temperatures. Haven't had much time to test it, but if somebody wants to give it a go, feel free. Enter the ICAO code, runway heading and length. Click on initialise - this will download the metar and calculate headwind component as well as pressure altitude. Enter your Actual Take-off Weight, and if derated take-off is possible, it will offer the maximum Flex. Flaps 13 only, and 18.5 engine rating (the higher variant is coming shortly, and engine anti-ice on calculations as well). Unfortunately I don't have data for other flaps settings than 13 degrees. This tool can be found on www.wabpro.eu Let me know if something doesn't look alright, it doesn't calculate, or if you overrun the runway Regards, David
  10. David Katona Feedback

    Thank you for your reply Henry, I am using on P3D v3 and Win10
  11. David Katona Feedback

    Hello, I have just bought this aircraft yesterday, so I have no experience regarding previous versions. Is there a way to get the rebuilt DLL? I am also having some of the issues described by others. Also, I tried to search this forum, if it is a bug or not, but is there a way if I want to change the arrival runway to have the list of available stars for that runway (similarly when you select the runway for the first time) instead of all the stars for that airport? Loving the product by the way, so happy I bought it Thank you and regards, David