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  1. ai1


    With dynamic lighting on and landing lights/taxi light on there is a considerable drop in fps on my system compared to landing lights/taxi light off, from 30 to 15 fps (hardware rendering off for both cases). Then changing from 2x ssaa to 4x msaa (fxaa always off) made a big difference to regain the fps. I have the impression that for some reason, AA settings make a bigger difference on this plane than on others (also tablet pics don't show for some AA settings via nvidia inspector). For dynamic lighting off, there is no such fps drop with the landing lights. I use a GTX 970 at 1080 resolution.
  2. ai1 Feedback

    I was not yet able to reproduce the overhead panel no lights or not responding issue, also no crash yet (with new and previous dll). I will report back if it occurs again, and the conditions it happened in (was always sporadic) What did occur in my last test is that the plane was able to fly at 330 knots 7000 feet with throttles almost at idle, and autothrottle on (EPR 1.1, N1 69.5 these thurst settings are almost the same same for any speed 200-300knots). When coming from a low speed and setting higher speed via mcp IAS, the thottles suddenly jump to increase thrust and then decrease again to the same low value. So I think there is something wrong with the thurst the engines are producing? Another question I have is that I noticed if I turn off APU bleed air or close the air isolation switch the electronics cooling (sound) does not switch on (and engines not running so no bleed from there). The electronics cooling (sound) only switches on if both pack switches are turned off. Is this how it is in the real plane (linked to the pack switches), since there would be no pack cooling to the electronics in the above case? Kind regards,
  3. ai1 Feedback

    I have had 2 crashes in 2 hours in p3d V4 with this release. No errors messages, just no response from p3d for some time and the windows busy symbol displaying (circle) , and then p3d shuts down. Both times I was clicking a few times on panels. Another issue that is present for me (also on previous releases) is that sometimes the overhead lights stop working (ext power, apu gen , nav lights, ...), and I think maybe also the buttons themselves. When clicking the panels described above (crash), I was trying several pushbuttons after I saw the lights on these buttons were no longer responding (ex. external nav light button pushed in or not -> no light and I also think no response of the nav lights externally). Another possible small issue, I think the V/S wheel animation on the MCP is reversed? Rotating the wheel down should be VS up (mouse wheel rotation is correct though). Unless this is a "717-ism" On the previous beta release I also had the engines shutting down once, this was after opening and closing a menu. Have not encountered this is the latest release after opening the menus several times, so is this fixed? Just to add some info, I use avast as antivirus even though all shields were inhibited during the installation of the latest 717 version and also while running p3d (I read some antiviruses can cause a lot of issues these days). Hardware rendering was off (not using this because on previous versions tablet screen was empty). Dynamic lighting was on in p3d. Apart from some issues, that I'm sure will be fixed, this is a great add on and I'd like to congratulate TFDI for the good work ! Thank you. Kind regards,