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  1. Thank you for the update, and the good news too! Keep up the excelent work, I really enjoy flying your creation, congrats! Fly safe, Red
  2. Red2112


    It depends on what you have I guess... The profile I downloaded (it´s a text file) goes in \PFPX Data\AircraftTypes.
  3. Hi, Which of the three profiles (see link below) are to be used for this B717 in PFPX?
  4. Red2112

    4.1 Working?

    That´s good news, thank you!
  5. Red2112

    4.1 Working?

    So here goes the "big" question... Prepar3dv4 has been updated to v4.1, and it has been recomended to un-install your "Prepar3d client" v4 and install the new (downloaded) Prepar3d client v4.1. So far so good but... In order to "see" the new "true glass", do we need to also un-install the "Prepar3d content" v4, and install the new (downloaded) Prepar3d content v4.1, which contains the "VC Rain" addition? Or is this "VC Rain" addition in v4.1 not needed in order for "True Glass" to work on the 717?
  6. Red2112

    Proper fuel load procedure

    Thank you Sir!
  7. Red2112

    Addon manager forgets the 717 is installed

    Yes, that did the trick on my end too! Thanks Shaun! I think I tried the same solution before which is the obvious thing to try, but any how it worked this time...
  8. Red2112

    Addon manager forgets the 717 is installed

    Yeah I agree! Thanks Shaun, will try that too...
  9. Red2112

    Addon manager forgets the 717 is installed

    Here´s what´s inside the Addon Manager folder...
  10. Red2112

    Proper fuel load procedure

    Ok thank you. So as I understand it is that I have to be in the 717 office (P3D running) and have the Addon Manager app running too in order to send the load/weight over, correct?
  11. Red2112

    Addon manager forgets the 717 is installed

    Hi, Iam having the same issue (Addon Manager wants to download the 717 again). This is my Installation XML...
  12. Red2112

    Proper fuel load procedure

    Hi, Thank you for the welcome, glad to be here, and yes love the 717, keep up the good work! Ok, that´s what I thought regarding fueload from what I have been reading, but, should I open the Addon Manger first before I open P3D? Or do both need to be open in order to be able to send the loadout to the 717? Thank you for your prompt reply and help!
  13. Hi folks! First off, a big thanks to the TFDi team for bringing the B717 to our hobby! Very happy to have it in my hanger! Iam new to the TFDi B717 and have a simple question which Iam sorry if it has been already asked around here... Which is the correct way to load fuel/pax to this airframe? According to the manual included, it should be done via P3Dv4 "Alt" Menu, but then again we have the "TFDi Addon Manager" which has a tab for fuel and payload. So, before I load up P3Dv4, should I then load the Addon Manager, then load P3Dv4, and then send the load to P3Dv4? Would that be correct? Thanks!