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  1. Hi There are some settings that you can configure in the Addon Manager, Customize button to reduce your VRAM Load. Some of us have had to disable Trueglass.dll in order to run the current version due to hardware issues on our end e.g. am running a 6GB VGA Card. Probably lose out on Trueglass effects after reverting to legacy render
  2. Hi Some settings can be configured via the Customize button in the Addon Manager. Not sure about the fuel/payload-integration with GSX but will check - I thought this was limited to the B717 addon. Somebody else will have to answer about the lights issue :-), no idea there. Hope your issues are resolved
  3. Hi Have you tried configuring some of the options in the TFDI Addon Manager? I'm running V5 on a 2060 6GB, settings are on the low-side but once tweaked, it is useable. Have also disabled trueglass for the reasons you have stated. This VC-snip is from Flightbeam KSFO, screen resolution 1920 x 1080, 30Hz Monitor and frames locked via Nvidia CP for 33. Using 2048 textures, working on improving the VC lighting. Hope this helps
  4. Hi sorry, yes you are correct. should be fltsim and not flightsim and mine are bracketed: [fltsim.0] title=TFDi Design 717 House Livery sim=Aerodynamics model= panel= sound= texture=TFDiDesign atc_id=N712TD atc_airline=TFDi Design atc_parking_types=GATE, CARGO, RAMP atc_parking_codes=BOE ui_manufacturer="TFDi Design" ui_type="717-200" ui_variation="House Livery" ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner" ui_createdby="TFDi Design" description="TFDi Design 717 House Livery paint." kind regards
  5. Able to resolve this by sequentially numbering the added texture files starting with 1 after the current default, which shows [Flightsim.0] i.e. next will be [Flightsim.1]...
  6. Having similar issues. Only the default livery is showing even after adding others, editing the aircraft.cfg.
  7. Hi Looks great and thanks for the work done. Any chance you will upload this livery? Thank you
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