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  1. Other than checking that your install software for the B717 is the most current, would recommend that you put in a ticket with Support. Sorry, could not be of any more help Kind regards
  2. Hi Looks great and thanks for the work done. Any chance you will upload this livery? Thank you
  3. Hi Are you using an earlier version of the repaint? Earlier versions of repaints are not compatible with the latest update for the TFDI B717 i.e. Version You can download a compatible repaint at this link: Hope this helps
  4. Hi Anthony Same. Add and number (incremental) the .cfg to the Aircraft.cfg file and add the Texture Folder to the Airplanes directory in your Sim location. As an example, following was the install for the Orbit repaint. Kindly note that the .cfg numbers start with 0 (zero), single digits up to ten and then normal two digits. Some users had reported issues with trying to use two digits, e.g. 04, below ten. Hope this helps and kind regards
    Amazing repaint, thank you Alex!
  5. Starting out KEGE LGAV LGAV P3D v4.0 HF1 | PTA 2.52| REX TDSC Enhanced| ASP4 | EZDOK 2 |