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  1. reflections are static so can't do anything about that. but the static reflection image can be cleaned up: the unzipped file goes into the texture folder, be sure the back up the original first. 717_int_glass_(3).zip
  2. kdfw

    FD color too dark

    Hi Collin, thanks for looking into this, 717 is coming together nicely. looking forward to the md11 in the future
  3. kdfw

    FD color too dark

    @turbofandudethanks for the reply. the magenta FD on the photo on the right side is definitely lighter in color, ~pink (the sim's magenta is more like purple on my screen). the camera's color response and monitor's color calibration affect how theses things look but i'm just losing the FD as it's just doesn't stand out from the background... if one takes a BW photo of it, the FD will appear close to the white pitch ladder in appearance than the sky/gnd background. another photo if there's a way to adjust this for the upcoming release (either globally or user adjustable RGB), it would be nice. but looks like you guys are about 80% there for the md11
  4. kdfw

    FD color too dark

    R=246 G=105 B=190
  5. kdfw

    FD color too dark

    can you guys make the flight director's magenta a little brighter? in the PFD, the magenta shows quite dark against the sky/ground background. in the real display, magenta is more like a bright pink and stands out against the darker background. or give the user the ability to edit the RGB of display elements like we can do on pmdg/fsl products? this is from the md11 but same as the 717
  6. Try turning off landing lights if DL is enabled.
  7. i've looked at them both and fsl spotlights are quite good with full color range and user configurable light source placement and vectoring. reallights are as you said, pre-baked texture set so i can edit the .bmp to adjust color and brightness. kinda like the evolution of mv vc night lighting. looks fine and glad you guys found a solution for p3dv4.
  8. fsl spotlights look as good as the real lights.
  9. p3dv4 vc night lighting is excellent.
  10. you cannot do anything about the color banding. tfdi would need to change the lighting scheme.
  11. wxr and terrain displays working. good job.
  12. old fix request, if not already on your to do list: 1) ext mdl pilot size too large 2) turbine animation should transition to blur at speed.