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  1. I get the same message (and I use the "Ready to Fly" option), but I have not yet conducted a test flight. I guess this means that I may encounter problems? The fuel load is 8.5 tons for a quick circuit, so there defintely IS enough fuel for the trip!! EDIT: This is with the latest version of the 717 in P3D v4.5HF2
  2. I tested the reversers last night, and they seem to activate (CH Flightstick button) and close (quick flick of the throttle wheel) just fine.
  3. Further investigation has revealed that pushback works in VC mode when loading the aircraft directly from the selection screen. However, something happens during set up (date/time/weather/displays/views etc) that results in subsequent pushback problems. I am going to conduct further tests to see if I can isolate what is happening....
  4. Am I not able to use the normal "Shift+P" command to pushback in this plane? I am using the "Ready to Fly" configuration.... EDIT: Well, that's very strange. I just tested it again, and it seems that "Shift+P" does not work in VC (F9) mode, but it does work in 2D (F10), Spot View (F11) and Top Down (F12) mode Interestingly, if I use my joystick hat switch to look left or right in 2D mode, I get a VC view in that direction......and the plane comes to a stop!! It seems like any VC view is disabling pushback mode.....
  5. Switching from 1024x1024 textures to 2048x2048 textures solves the problem of the blurry sections of the MCP, but I am still puzzled why only sections of the panel look blurry at the 1024x1024 setting........
  6. Some of those textures still look a bit blurry in your screenshot, Collin. I don't understand why some of the textures are sharper than others on that panel. They should all be the same. For the record, low resolution textures are one of my pet hates