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  1. Under the Addons tab I select "disable trueglass" and then reenable it
  2. Hello, Not sure what's causing this but when I start p3dv5 and the Leonardo MD80, my windows are all blacked out. So far I have only seen this when it is raining or foggy. IF I disable trueglass and them re enable it, this fixes the black screen but the raindrop effects do not show up.
  3. The VRAM issues are likely a problem with v5 and Trueglass/Truelight. Without using either of these, I have never run into a VRAM issue. That's not to point the blame at TFDI ,however, as it is impossible to know for sure how compatible existing products will be with this brand new platform. Outside of a hotfix, LM has yet to release a full update for v5. Hopefully with 5.1 things will work better. There are still high end video cards being released with a8GB of VRAM, so having to spend over a grand for an 11GB card shouldn't be mandatory at this point.
  4. If you disable real light and trueglass does that mean all the aircraft lighting will quit working? I tried doing this with the Milviz B350 and that made it non functional. Hopefully LM finds a way to correct the VRAM issues in the next update.
    Gorgeous livery! Looks even better on the 717 with those huge engines in the back!
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