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  1. Okay, now maybe a very stupid questio... Where do I find my link for the flights? I am looking in my profile when logged in on the tfdi website under my services. It seems the link is not there anymore bacause it is now saved localy? Rick
  2. Collin, Thanks for the reply, I can code a bit but I only need the script to convert the url to display it inside the webpage like VAOS. I'm looking forward to the upcomming items. Rick
  3. Hello, I am a proud user of PACX and after the last update it has become amazing so good job with that. Now to my question, I know VAOS has integrated the feature to show the flight reports to your profile. I am uding PHPVMS and I want to show the report on the pirp report. How do I achive this? Thanks in advance, Rick Winkelman DutchWings Virtual Skyways
  4. Hello I too am the proud owner of pacx. But I am getting stuck with the announcements. Is there a list with commands pacx will listen to? Also what planes are supported in xp11 as I am switching to xp11. Rick