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  1. Does that mean that NORMALLY, even when ATC speed control is no factor, SOP is to perform the initial approach phase with manual speed control while only re-selecting PROF speed upon landing flap selection? I'm just curious what the most realistic way is to operate the airplane in this matter. Thanks! Mark
  2. Hi, Does anyone know what, during the approach, the trigger for the FMS PROF speed is to get down from 250 knots to lower? In Airbus models, arming the "approach phase" causes the speed to be set to VAPP. The 717 does not have such a function and I'm not sure what event is supposed to trigger the autoflight speed to go from 250 to VAPP. Obviously I could manually intervene the speed but that's not essentially my question. Also I'm curious if real world pilots would typically leave the speed set to FMS PROF SPEED all the way down to touchdown, as long as traffic is quiet and ATC restrictions are no factor. Thanks for any replies! Mark Jansen