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  1. eserafinojr

    717 SLI Compatibility - Any News??

    Hey Gents, Hope all is well over at TFDI. Just curious is there any status update on when SLI users such as myself will be able to use the 717 again? The 1.0 release completely broke all potential of using the 717 on an SLI rig. Previously it was just the panel backlighting in the Open Beta before 1.0 that flickered badly, but changing the brightness of the knob there was always a position that stopped the flickering as a workaround or when flying in day it wasn't needed so it was fine. However since 1.0 all the digital displays flicker like crazy now, which they did not do prior to 1.0. So I've had to park the 717 ever since the 1.0 release unfortunately. Just seeing if there are any alternative effects or gauge files to use just to be able to use the product again. Good Luck Guys, All The Best.... Emil S.
  2. eserafinojr

    Flickering displays in P3Dv4.3

    Same problem here on my end. Only flickering I used to get was backlighting of the panels on certain knob settings in 4.2 or earlier. Now all screens and lights flicker with the latest version. I use SLI, always have and only had the backlighting issue. Now it's sadly unusable with flickering of all lights and displays. I don't think having to disable SLI is ideal. Gonna have to park her until it gets sorted out. Good luck gents. If you have a potential fix let me know I'd be happy to test it. Thanks, Emil S.