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  1. The Hydraulics seem to be working.. But the elevator is not working..... I have version installed.. .I have never come across this problem before... All the best Julean
  2. Julean

    PACX freezing GSX v2

    I haven't been able to use PACX yet because it makes GSX v2 freeze... And what is the use of announcements if luggage and bording is impossible.. 😍 All the best.. Jens Michlas P3D v4 current version, Win 10 64-bit
  3. Julean

    Password demand

    Hi Turbofandude I am whining about https://www.tfdidesign.com/clientarea.php Julean
  4. Julean

    Password demand

    You guys are messing with my choice of password.. Its annoying. It's not my netbank. Your demand of password does that I never remember it. I don't want a password like the codes for shareware.. Is it possible to lighten up..? Julean