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  1. I have a suggestion where we add a scheduled arrival/departure time. For example: departure time is 0300z and arrival time is 0540z. Maybe even implement an OOOI system where we can punch in numbers where we are scheduled to be out, off, on and in. This is of course may be for the hardcore simmers who, like myself, try to stick to a schedule and even maybe even fly along side the times for the real world flight. I feel like this will flow smoother with some of the features PAXC offers such as the delay and ahead of schedule functions. Or a simple OOOI system where it just simply tracks the times you are out, off, on and in.
  2. I have noticed (and I may just be the only one) that the Aerosoft Airbus does not like lag spikes. When I get lag spikes, the plane pitches up and down a few degrees and that causes the passengers to become upset and afraid for the rest of the flight. This could also just be Aerosoft being Aerosoft.
  3. Another note I need to add. After said event occurs, passengers' mood changes to terrified and upset and vise versa and stays like that for the entire flight regardless of weather conditions.
  4. After a sudden aircraft movement during cruise, the FA will continuously repeat the "in flight service has been suspended" until the user mutes and unmutes PACX via the Windows Volume Mixer. EDIT: Service does NOT resume.
  5. Hi Jeff, The flight report times are reported in UTC (Zulu) time but do not use the 24 hour system. Could you post a screenshot here of said flight report? The sounds you hear in the current version are just place holders. More sounds will be added with more updates. Will
  6. willwest43

    Online Tool

    Go to your Client Area on the main TFDi website. Under your Products tab, you will see "Software - PACX". Click on that will bring you to a page where you will see a full list of flights you have uploaded.
  7. PACX is set to minimize by default. The way you change this is, go into the setting on the main PACX menu, scroll down until you see 'Auto-hide delay' (It is near the top of the list) and change it to Disabled from the dropdown menu. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and hit apply. On a side note, PACX will always stay on top of all applications. to minimize it from there, click on the application on your taskbar a few times and it will minimize.
  8. Very interesting bug. Are you all on version 4.5?