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  1. Hi FSFX Packages, now OldProp Solutions, have released the 717 immersion package. I have posted about it Here I have it and I am happy with it. Regards
  2. I use the Remote CDU that was linked. It works great. Simple to setup and use. Responsive developer. Regards
  3. I must agree wholeheartedly with this. I have had contact with many devs and own many add-ons. The TFDI team put their heart and soul into this plane. They have always listened to the community and tried to help as much as was possible. This is not common behaviour in the industry unfortunately..... Well done the TFDI team and THANK YOU
  4. Asid

    717 day!

    Thank you. Great work from the TFDI team 😊
  5. Asid

    717 day!

    Downloaded, installed and poking about
  6. Asid

    717 day!

    It will be out by then
  7. Asid

    717 day!

    It will be here 8 more mins...... Awesome
  8. Asid

    717 day!

    The Addon manager just updated so.....Nearly there ☺️
  9. I have many add-ons from many different developers. I can honestly say that TFDI are amongst THE best developers I have encountered. They work hard to deliver the best product they can. Not forgetting they listen to the community. After having a really bad experience with an online virtual cockpit sharing group, I can recommend this plane to anyone who wishes to experience a shared-cockpit. Regards