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  1. Are you willing to remain awake at ludicrous times to schedule a TeamViewer session for a kid in Australia? (Yes, I'm willing, but I think that it will be quite challenging to schdeule a time that fits both of us.)
  2. I just updated from Version 3.4 of Prepar3D to Prepar3D version 4.1 and have went from having reasonable performance in the 717 to slideshow performance. I have Hardware rendering disabled. Every other aircraft that I fly in Version 4.1 provides better performance than they did in version 3 except for your aircraft, I am struggling to achieve 15 frames per second in the TFDi 717 when I average 30-45 fps in any other aircraft. I am also experiencing random freezes of the FMC upon pressing an LSK, number key, letter key or page key on the FMC (any key in other words) that last for up to 10 seconds. I do have FSUIPC autosaves enabled for every 8.4 minutes, however, this issue randomly happens.
  3. Hi there, I wanted to know if it was possible to prevent my account from being indexed by search engines such as Google, is this possible? I know it's a bit of an odd question.
  4. ZDJ

    I'm Just LOVING This 717

    Although I am waiting on two addons (and a lot of Aussie ORBX scenery) to be made compatible with v4, I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the TFDi 717-200 as well. (Except for the flood lights and scroll wheel... ). One of my favourite aircraft to fly along with the PMDG birds (of course, in QF colours) and the mjc q400! I'll leave you all with the screensaver that I use on my laptop. (I'm sorry but a lot of my photos of planes have been taken from my posts on various sights - I have nothing wrong with that. But when users start taking credit for my photos, that's passed a line for me. Hence all of the watermarks linking to my AVSIM account.) - If you would like a copy of this photo without all of the invasive watermarks, please PM me and I'll happily provide one a one that is also at a much higher resolution for you.
  5. Hello there, I just wanted to say that version 1.0.8 is great. I can finally fly the 717 and not have to restart the flight because the panel state did not save. However, there is one minor issue, the vertical cross-hair on the flight director doesn't function correctly except in cruise. It stays stuck at a few degrees above level on the artificial horizon but that is it. It only regains movement when in cruise but freezes on descent. Also, please increase the scroll wheel acceleration time [the time it takes for the scroll wheel to accelerate] (and the acceleration speed) on Dial-A-Flap, MCP (excluding altitude and V/S), WX gain and lighting knobs! (Is there any extra information that is required?) Kind Regards, ZDJ.
  6. ZDJ

    Plane overspeeds while descending on PROF

    Try adding spoilers, you turn into a fighter!