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  1. With the last update of P3D the 4.4 we continue with the CTD in view changes. Will we have to continue with the trick of the double image? Will you be able to fix it? a greeting
  2. Hello With the new update, after taking off when returning to VC from an external view, CTD or better would be called ERROR (in this case the Simulator is closed directly, it could be freezing or black screen). The same as always. I am ready to watch the video memory and it has effectively been reduced in VC 400-500 MB from the old 6300 to 5800. Obviously insufficient before the 3600 MB of the 737 and 777 of PMDG or the Dasch8 of Majestic. Waiting for you to solve it (I really like this plane). a greeting
  3. Hello I am the same as the other forum The file you have it in downloads (TFDI Desing: vc l ...) link: -replacement-textures / I hope that as I solve the problem. Tell us how it was. Luck a greeting Yerco