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  1. Socalf1fan

    New CTD

    Seems to be working....trueglass is trippy
  2. Socalf1fan

    New CTD

    i did a fresh install over the weekend and installed the 717 yesterday. Planning a flight for the VA tonight when I get home from work. Hopefully with the new patch it works.
  3. Socalf1fan

    New CTD

    Hello all, so I upgraded to 4.1 and it seems I cannot get the 717 to not ctd p3d before take off. Sometimes it's while during pushback, sometimes it's while taxing, sometimes while adding a flight plan. It seems to have no rhyme or reason. I have the latest beta build of the 717 installed. I thought maybe it was the airport (flightbeam kmsp) so I removed it...still happens...thought let's change airports (default ksan) still happens, maybe it's active sky so I didn't load it and it still happens. I am at work but I will try to get a screenshot tonight. I also in installed the 717 and reinstalled to the same issue. I've loaded the ngx and done several flights along with some aftermarket prop jobs as well so it leads me to believe it is the 717. Great plane up until the past couple days.