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  1. funkyj4ever

    trueglass rain repellent
  2. HI, I saw this on the aerosoft forum for their airbus sp2. So trueglass will get new features?
  3. Any comment from the devs? is the change log ctd related to this problem?
  4. got the same problem. after switching views p3d v4 freezes and crashes p3dv4
  5. funkyj4ever

    Performance Update -

    Thanks!, any teasers for the exterior update?😁
  6. So where is my shot? Wating for a month
  7. funkyj4ever

    CTD after update

    HI i got the same problem. Without hardware rendering, just a freeze and the sim stops. and with hardware rendering my displays have 5 frames.
  8. Will the 1.1 update be this year?
  9. Hi, I have latest beta version, windows 10, and not a problem with other aircraft, but every 20 minutes my pc freezes with a freeze sound.
  10. +1 about engine start, there is a high n2 but no n1. I dont think this is right
  11. Hi, I understand this is a beta version, but what are the plans? I like the rain effect, but i hope this will still come: - No difference between little and heavy rain - no difference with wiper speeds - Without wipers on it is still pretty good to see with rain. Effects like this video where it is almost not possible to see anything without wipers on would be really cool! Ps I really like it for a first product that will push the market!
  12. funkyj4ever Feedback

    Is there also a updated planned for more realistic starting of engines and apu?
  13. funkyj4ever

    Some bugs

    Hi, I bought the 717 yesterday.. I use the beta version for p3d4.. I really like the vc and the autopilot works pretty good, but have found some problems. - the ground friction.. I need 44% n1 in order to move - The engine startup is wrong, with high n2 but no n1? - No realitistic apu startup - And external engines the fan blades are looking wird. Other then that i really like it for a beta aircraft!