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  1. The problem is the airplane itself. Chaseplane has nothing to do with the ctd view switchting. Otherwise tfdi would be stating that chaseplane is the problem
  2. only workout around is not to switch views. The mini window is just to frames heavy
  3. we just have to wait for p3d 4.5 or a fix from tfdi. Everybody on p3d v4 should have this problem. It has nothing to do with your addons or config.
  4. sorry but where if tfdi team? Almost no activity for months??????
  5. Aha oke thanks.. You mean the view crashing right? So you guys dont know if it is already fixed?
  6. yes i get that. But has lockheed fixed it in their builds? So i will know p3d 4.4 has a fix for this?
  7. So it is fixed? Would be great this is a show stopper...
  9. HI, I saw this on the aerosoft forum for their airbus sp2. So trueglass will get new features?
  10. Any comment from the devs? is the change log ctd related to this problem?
  11. got the same problem. after switching views p3d v4 freezes and crashes p3dv4
  12. Thanks!, any teasers for the exterior update?😁
  13. HI i got the same problem. Without hardware rendering, just a freeze and the sim stops. and with hardware rendering my displays have 5 frames.