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  1. Djomaster

    no TrueGlass

    thank you very much. It's working fine now on build
  2. Djomaster

    no TrueGlass

    Thanks, I will do it
  3. Djomaster

    no TrueGlass

    Thx Nico, But since the first time and after proceed like pwaller I never got and saw the color of TrueGlass
  4. Djomaster

    no TrueGlass

    ok could we schedule it ? thx
  5. Djomaster

    no TrueGlass

    I reinstalled P3D v4.1 and reinstalled the 717 with TrueGlass. I have the menu but still not TrueGlass effects
  6. Djomaster

    no TrueGlass

    Hello, I have the latest build installed with TrueGlass installed too but when it's raining, Ihave no TruGlass effect. May I missed something ?