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  1. and1049

    Displays going black during flight

    Same flight... after restarting P3D it was fine... continued the approach and the displays crapped out again on a 10 mile final. This REALLY SUCKS!
  2. and1049

    Add Drag/Auto-Throttle Response

    Been noticing that on descents the MCDU will call for "ADD DRAG" and any deployment of the spoiler from 10%-100% to add drag forces the AT system to push the power forward negating any added drag. I've been going to AT OFF and speed brakes as needed before turning the AT back on. Any ideas? THANKS!
  3. and1049

    Displays going black during flight

    Next flight also did exactly what lfikratis' screenshot shows...weird yellow blobs at 90 minutes in. Very annoying. Saved and restarted P3Dv3.4 and it's back to working fine. 1st leg was DTW-DCA and this one is ATL-MDW. Interesting that it happened both times a few minutes into the descent.
  4. and1049

    Displays going black during flight

    I'm having the exact same problem! About an hour in and the 4 left displays go blank but still work in 2D.... No warnings/EICAS messages everything is working fine. Save P3D, Force Persistence Save and restart P3D and open the flight again and the displays are back. I7 6700K Nvidia Titan X 32GB RAM Samsung NVME SSDs Windows 7 Enterprise X64 and P3D
  5. and1049

    FMS/MCDU Not Calculating?

    Interesting, I didn't know this was modeled. Is there a way to disable that? Haven't heard of too many emergency reverse incidents on the real 717... it's the MD-90 where it's an issue especially because it requires an engine change after use.
  6. Currently on and the airplane is really coming along--the main issue I can find at this point is the FMS is not calculating the ETE/TOD/Fuel Burns/etc. I have experience on the real thing and it's like there is a required value missing and the FMS does not calculate after INIT. No ETE/TOD/EFOB and no TOD/TOC on the Nav display despite VNAV working fine. Is this a known bug? Is the FMS incomplete? Am I missing something? *Also still having reverser problems, once it deploys, I can't stow it without using F1 and then it shows "REV" in orange on the ENG display.* Thanks! Keep up the good work!
  7. and1049

    What is the over-all story on FPS?

    I'm also with Blaze. As good or better than PMDG and the displays are extremely crisp and responsive.
  8. and1049

    Cockpit Viewpoint?

    Hi TFDI! Throughly enjoying playing with the 717 this morning and the one thing that stands out to me is that the view point feels wrong. In a 10 degree pitch up, I still feel and look like I'm straight and level. On the ground, it feels like the nose gear is retracted and I'm sitting on the gear door. I also get the sense that I'm moving a lot slower than what I actually am.... 50 knots looks like 10. Is that my imagination? Anyone else get that feeling?
  9. and1049

    PFPX Profile

    Also very interested in the PFPX profile. Is anyone working on a TOPCAT takeoff/landing performance profile too? Thanks!