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  1. TOPCAT has profiles for the MD-11 that are absolutely fine to use. Only downside being that it's just the GE engines that are included.
  2. I'm sorry! You're right. My FCOM says the same, dial-a-flap to 5. I was thinking of the MD-80 and mistakenly assumed it would be the same on the MD--95/717.
  3. From the few resources we have, it seems like most to flaps 18+gear down, then landing flaps. Flaps 5 is unlikely in real life I think, as not a regular setting but rather a dial-a-flap one and the selector dial should be stowed after takeoff. Anyone notice how we're still no further in clearing up the FMS SPD on approach question? 😗
  4. To be honest, I've only read that somewhere on here iirc. Another Delta guy posted it. Are you joining from another fleet or from a regional?
  5. So, I've been trying to compare the TFDi to this 717 video, and can't really tell how I can get it to follow the VAPP. Pushing FMS SPD on an Autoflight-coupled ILS approach (my last RNAV approach endeavours in the 717 were...different to what the manual would have one expect so I just stick to the basics) set the speed target to vFR, 145 knots, with a MCDU VAPP of 135, on my last flight. Also, they preselect the missed approach speed shortly after GS intercept, which would rule out the possibility of using selected speed guidance. The FCOM I have doesn't really answer my questions e
  6. Very content with this little pup after the latest update. There's just a few things I'd love to see added/matched to the real-world counterpart: -ability to enter an intercept course when selecting DIR TO (commonly referred to as "direct radial in" on the Airbus, if that rings a bell. essentially creates an indefinite line on a specified course towards the direct to fix, helpful when receiving radar vectors for an approach and to judge the distance, as well as having the F-PLN sequenced in a way that makes sense) -des forecast page -clarify CG in the EFB. Is that
  7. They have both. It's a simple modification, purely engine software applying a different thrust rating. The east coast based birds tend to have the 18.5k rating as they require less thrust for their ops. The west coast birds (out of SLC for example) might fly the occasional high altitude ops and therefore could use a little more "vvvrooomm".
  8. I do not know where you read that but it is false. Only one ever had it, EC-MGT if memory serves me right.
  9. Santa Ana to Salt Lake City Running in those screenshots (updated to .2 in the meantime), but that angry puppy is really starting to be fun! Love how we have had wonderful addons for almost all members of the DC-9 family over the years. Think of the Leonardo Maddog, the Coolsky DC-9, and well, the TfDI 717!
  10. Actually, the update to 1.0.7 fixed most of the things I would have put on my list - including the CLB derate. The dll-error occured with hardware rendering disabled, after departure from FlyTampa Sydney. Running a GTX 670 here, maybe it's time to upgrade the GPU? Textures set to 1024 in the P3D settings...I noticed this caused some blurries on some VC placards and overhead textures. I can't pinpoint or reproduce the issue with textures set to 2048 yet. This is the symbol issue I was referring to Joshua. So you
  11. DH730 would still be wrong, as it implies using the radio altimeter? BARO -> decision altitude; RADIO -> decision height. I doubt you flew a CATIII with minimums of 730 into Palermo Still not convinced as far as functionality is concerned, even with -european ND symbols still just blue squares -engine start still wrong -it still wouldn't keep the CLB derate I had preselected so I climbed out with like 5000fpm through FL100 -nvwgf2um.dll error after takeoff But: She is beautiful...did they already change the exter
  12. Minimums 730 radio, what's the reason behind that?
  13. PRG-BOD This VC is just amazing. You guys even put a detailed texture on the lower side of the MCP - who else does this?? Flaps kept at 18 until were on stand, common procedure on all DC-9 types to help passengers evacuate via the wing in an emergency.
  14. I'll be happy to show you more - once you show us
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