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  1. Noah

    Display issue is back

    So I was flying the 717 today doing a Tampa turn from LaGuardia when suddenly my displays just went black. This issue had seemed to go away two updates ago but has returned again. This issue happened on both flights. I'm going to use the info from the TPA-LGA flight, DAL2646. Route - BAYPO7 DUNKN FLO J207 RDU J55 HPW J191 PXT KORRY3 Fuel - 14800 Pax - 110 Also, while descending my plane dropped speed tremendously and stalled. I could not get control of the speed either. DAL2646 TPA-LGA -- Noah Harget.fxml.xml
  2. This is no longer an issue, It was fixed a few updates ago. Sorry for the late reply.
  3. So the issue I have been having ever since is that the displays will freeze up when entering a route or modifying it in air. I was at Gate F15 in MSP setting up for CLT. I had accidentally selected the wrong arrival runway and when I had went back to fix it, the screens were extremely delayed and froze up. This goes for all the displays, not just the MCDU.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have much more information about the issue, It just happens while setting up.
  5. I am on ground at MSP and was setting up for CLT when suddenly my displays started to delay themselves and weren't working properly. This started after
  6. MY displays froze up all together and it caused a huge funk.
  7. Sir, I don't have the programs required to paint nor do I have the money for it. Otherwise, I probably would have made an attempt at it by now.
  8. My request is Delta N987DN "Delta Belly"
  9. Anyone planning on tackling this paint?
  10. Hello, I know it's still early on but thought I'd put this here. Delta recently bought most of Blue1's 717 aircraft. They are all N9--DN registrations and have the Delta logo on the belly of the aircraft. Was wondering if one could be made at some point down the line? thanks for such an amazing aircraft!!