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  1. Just curious as to what we can look forward to in the future. Another aircraft? A utility? Both? Love the B717!
  2. Maveric751


    Having the same issue. Captures the LOC but not the G/S.
  3. Stefan888 your were right Sir! My son changed some settings in P3D and forgot to inform me. Thank you so much!
  4. Flight from KCLT to KMSP. Started with 19750 lbs of fuel, finished the flight with 19750 lbs of fuel. Didn't use a drop. All fuel pumps were on including center tanks. Anyone else seen this?
  5. Thanks Turbofandude! I did try creating a rwy centerline by entering the ILS freq and radial in Nav/Rad VOR 1, that seemed to work. Also when I enter a new VAPP speed in TO/APPR, it doesn't appear to work nor entering it as a speed restriction. BTW - I love this airplane!!!
  6. 1. How can i get the aircraft to honor an increased VAPP speed. I can enter the revised speed but the aircraft still uses the original speed. 2. How can create a fix to show an extended center line of the runway heading? Hope these aren't stupid questions. Thanks!
  7. If I'm not mistaken the display of the wind data is reversed. Mine atm reads 037/301, should be 301/037 Thanks
  8. etops I had the same issue. Do you use Rex Sky Force? I found that starting Rex Sky Force after starting P3D V4 and the 717 has spawned on the stand seems to have fixed the issue for me. Maybe worth a try.
  9. Thanks SAS443, Could you educate me on how to create bearings (dashed white lines). I can't find it in the documentation. Thanks!
  10. ablitiy to add a 25nm ring around an airport for example. Add a reverse course to the arrival runway heading etc.
  11. Hi all, Is fix capability in the near furture? Thanks!
  12. On the FUEL SD DISPLAY there a two engine symbols with numbers in them. What do those numbers represent? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm learning. Also, I seem to only get the first Thrust reverse setting (F2). Nothing happens when I hit F2 again. I'm not using FSUIPC. Thanks!